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60 Schools,900 Programs,Free apply

60 Schools,900 Programs

Multi languages,Free apply


950-405-55808(China Direct)


Ecanada School has a number of Canadian universities, colleges and high school agents, and successfully help more than one student admitted to the ideal school. Contract to become ECanada school agents, for your company can provide more than one school agent channels, through the agency students get a relative commission.

     Join conditions

     1. The agent must be a formally registered company with a valid business license and tax registration record

     2. The company has market development capabilities and management capabilities, in the field of education have a good reputation and reputation

     3. Agents need to cooperate with the ECanada School business model and service concept

     Join method

     4. Please send your company name, company description and contact person to

     5. We receive your email and will contact you within one week