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60 Schools,900 Programs,Free apply

60 Schools,900 Programs

Multi languages,Free apply


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The Catholic Education Bureau of Toronto is a member of the Ontario International Education Bureau of Canada. It is equivalent to the Ontario International Education Alliance with the Toronto School Board, the Carlton Education Bureau of Ottawa, and the Waterloo Education Bureau.

Is the second largest education bureau in Canada.

Located in the city of Toronto, Canada's most dynamic city, it has 201 undergraduate schools and more than 93,000 students.

Among them, 32 public high schools enroll international students. The number of international students is about 300, and a complete ESL course, AP course, and IB course are offered.

The schools under its jurisdiction are all equipped with modern teaching and experimental facilities, and the learning conditions are excellent.

The content and level of teaching are no different from ordinary public schools.

The school under its jurisdiction has strict management, good learning atmosphere, and no religious requirements for international students. The quality of students is better than that of ordinary public schools.

Each of the subordinate high schools has its own characteristics. 60-70% of graduates are admitted to top universities in Canada or North America.

Carter Art High School is one of Canada's finest art high schools, and most students can enter the world's top art schools to continue their studies.


List of Documents

- Application form completed and signed by parents and students

- Academic supplementary information form completed and signed by parents and students

- Student assessment form, officially completed and signed by the original school

- Current and past two years of transcript translation

- Personal Information Authorization Form (applicable to students who have turned 18 at the time of registration)

- Copy of passport home page

- Vaccination notarized

- Guardian Notary, Parent and Guardian

- TOEFL or IELTS report (for 12th grade applicants)

- Accommodation family application form (if applicable)

- All fees payable

Application procedure:

1. Submit the above documents and application fees to Admission Office, International Education Services.

2. Once the student is accepted, the acceptance letter and receipt will be sent to the student or student's agent

3. Apply for a Study Visa Study Permit

4. After receiving a study visa, prepare to leave Canada

Application fee: 200 CAD;

Tuition fee: 13500 CAD/year (if the change is based on the official documents of the Education Bureau)

Health Insurance: 500 CAD/year

The Catholic Public Education Bureau of Toronto does not provide accommodation for students. Students need to find homestay families


The 9th and 10th grade courses are divided into four major categories: academic, applied, general, and open. All courses are based on the teaching content of Year 8 and have strict standards. All courses prepare students for their senior year of study.

The 11th and 12th grade courses are divided into five categories based on students’ future aspirations: Employment Preparation (E), College Preparation (C), University/College Preparation (M), University Preparation (U), and General Subject (O).


There are different courses to choose from in various subjects in secondary schools. In each subject, students can further their professional studies according to their interests. All of Canada’s English System Universities require students to have a high level of English language ability, so when choosing a course of study, the school has many subjects to choose from, including: English Biology History Geography Physical Chemistry Mathematics Economics Electronic Accounting Business Law Music Drama Home Economics International Language (Chinese) Marketing Computer and Technology Classical Visual Arts Sports and Health Education English as a Second Language (ESL)

1. Complete 30 credits: 18 required credits (basically completed in grades 9 and 10) and 12 elective credits;

2. Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

3. Community Volunteer Service: Completion of 40-hour Community Volunteer Activity