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60 Schools,900 Programs,Free apply

60 Schools,900 Programs

Multi languages,Free apply


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Strategic location: Albert College is located in the thriving city of Belleville, two hours east of Toronto. With a population of 37,000, the city of Belleville has a peaceful and peaceful environment.


Excellent Accommodation: Albert College has three student residence halls, 7th to 10th grade male students live in Baker House, and other senior grade boys live in Graham Hall. Victoria Manor is a female student dormitory. All residence halls have rooms with video equipment, a lobby, laundry facilities and a kitchen for making snacks. All rooms have Internet and campus networks installed.

Expedition plans: From camping for new students to riding to explore New York City, students are given the opportunity to study outdoors and develop their creativity, teamwork, leadership, and challenges in exploring different environments. Self-ability.

Basic application materials: (Provide Chinese, English documents or North American study certificates)

1) Passport scan

2) Fill in the application form (including Student & Family Information, Student & Parent Questionnaire)

3) Application fee

4) The translation of the report card in the past two years plus notarization

5) Applicant's passport specifications photo

6) handwritten small composition

7) If you have a language test score, please provide a transcript (TOEFL or IELTS)


Application fee: 100 Canadian dollars

Tuition: Grades 7-8: 41,500 Canadian Dollars/year

Grades 9-12: 46300 CAD/year

Miscellaneous expenses: 2500 Canadian dollars

Registration fee: 2000 Canadian dollars

Guardianship Fee: 500 Canadian Dollars

ESL: 2500 Canadian Dollars

Alberta College has three student residence halls, Baker House, Graham Hall and Victoria Manor. Male students from grades 7 to 10 live in Baker House, and other senior boys live in Graham Hall. Victoria Manor is a female student dormitory and female students in the lower and upper grades live in two wing buildings. All residence halls have the same room with TV video equipment, lobby, laundry facilities and kitchen area for making snacks. All rooms have Internet and campus networks installed. In addition to the standard single and double rooms, there are public study areas and recreational areas in the dormitory area. There are security staff on duty in the dormitory area 24 hours a day, and there is a strict visitor registration system to ensure safety. Students living on campus can receive the care and guidance of a life teacher, and the help and care of high school classmates is like living in a big family.


Secondary school curriculum


1. ESL English Course

At the beginning of each school year, all international students will undergo a level test to determine the ESL course from A to E that suits them. When ESL students graduate, we will provide an ESL graduation guide to improve their essay and test writing skills and prepare for the TOEFL test. The goal of the school is to help students complete the transition to the core English courses faster and better. If they reach the stage D of the ESL program, they can start core English courses in the 10th grade, and if they complete the E stage of the ESL program, they can Core English courses begin in the 11th or 12th grade. A three-phase ESL English score will be used as a condition for degree assessment. If a student advances to two ESL stages within one year, they will receive one credit. Students in grades 7 and 8 must begin their ESL English course outside of core English.

2, advanced courses

Albert College offers a variety of advanced courses for those students looking for additional academic development during the final year of the school year. This course is a course equivalent to one year of college credit recognized by many institutions. It used to provide calculus, music, and psychology. American history, computer, French, art and English literature.

3, special courses

English Foundation Program, Adventure Program, Active Citizenship, Community Service.

Languages: French, German (if needed).

Computer courses: Introduction to Computers; Business Systems; Advanced Programming.

Art (chorus, drama, etc.): The school provides a unique art period within the academic timetable, and ensures that students have time to participate in sports activities on the premise of allowing them to realize their artistic pursuits.

Sports: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Badminton, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field, Trail Running, Squash, Golf, Sailing, Canoeing & Kayaking

Extra-curricular activities (Clubs): Art elective courses include: instrumental music, vocal music, woodwind instruments, visual arts, drama, creative writing, landscape layout design, public speaking, and yearbook. Adventure travel (canoe, rock climbing, skiing, etc.), services (Dominican Republic, Mexico and Ecuador, hiking (Kingston, Toronto and Ottawa). School activities include various entertainment, sports activities and social practices, student participation teams Activities and for their glory.