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60 Schools,900 Programs

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Founded in 1889, Reidley College has a history of nearly 130 years. It is currently the largest, most famous and oldest of the private churches in Canada. Ridley is a private mixed gender school that offers JK-12 grade courses and is one of the three schools in Canada that offer continuing IB courses from kindergarten to high school. 440 students in the school, 15% share of international students, 7% share of Chinese students, teacher-student ratio 1:7.

Reedley College is a private boarding and day pre-university school located 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Niagara Falls in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Grant Ontario Secondary School Diploma and International Secondary School Diploma. Reedley College is recognized as one of the oldest private schools in Canada and has the largest boarding system in Ontario. Its source of students mainly comes from different countries and regions in the world and 35 countries and regions.

Today, Reedley College is a member of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools and competes with other schools as one of the four private schools initially founded at the Ontario Private School Sports Association. Reedley College has a large number of student clubs. Many of them represent Reedley College in Canada and worldwide competitions. Overall, Reidley College's curriculum emphasizes that students' academic, sports, and community services are excellently balanced and disciplined.


Basic application materials: (Provide Chinese, English documents or North American study certificates)

1) Passport scan

2) Fill in the application form (including Student & Family Information, Student & Parent Questionnaire)

3) Application fee

4) The translation of the report card in the past two years plus notarization

5) Applicant's passport specifications photo

6) handwritten small composition

7) If you have a language test score, please provide a transcript (TOEFL or IELTS)

Application fee: 150 Canadian dollars

Tuition fee: 49,950 Canadian dollars

Tuition refund insurance: 999 Canadian dollars

Registration fee: 3,000 Canadian dollars

Deposit (non-refundable): 500 CAD


There are 10 dormitories on the campus. Each dormitories has a wardmaster living near the dormitories, and a number of full-time advisors form a professional team to work together to take care of all students, whether personal or academic, and contact the parents.

High school courses:

    Thirty credits (18 compulsory credits, 12 elective credits) must be completed and 40 hours of community service completed. Upon passing the Ontario Secondary School Competency Test, the Ontario Ministry of Education High School Diploma (OSSD) will be awarded.

Required credits (18 credits):

    English, Mathematics, Canadian History, Canadian Geography, Natural Sciences, Arts (Visual Arts, Drama or Music), Sports, Second Foreign Languages, French, Career Studies, Civil Law

Ridley High School Diploma:

    Upon completion of the OSSD Diploma required credits, the following items must be completed in order to obtain the Highley High School Diploma: Each semester participates in a sport, two school activities are completed each year, attend an internship and receive a Green Star or Red Star in an internship assessment. The bronze medal was won in the Duke Award and completed 10 hours of community service.

ESL course:

    Improve the ability of students in all aspects of English, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

IB course:

    The two-year course project completes the 11th and 12th grade course plans and is divided into academic courses and core courses. Academic courses include: Language, Second Language, Personal and Social, Mathematics and Computer Science, Art, Experimental Science. The core curriculum includes: creation, action and service, knowledge theory, and extension of thesis.

Extracurricular activities

"Ridley Collegeers" is outstanding in sports, including rugby, basketball, football, hockey, swimming, rowing, etc. The school has always been dedicated to performing arts, its advanced facilities for dance, art, performance and music lovers. A lot of opportunities to pursue the career that you love.