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60 Schools,900 Programs,Free apply

60 Schools,900 Programs

Multi languages,Free apply


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Schoolstone School is a mixed-sex day school for men and women. The school is located in the city of Toronto, the economic, financial and cultural center of Canada. The campus is located in a quiet and tranquil residential community. The surrounding residents belong to a better income class and ensure better public security and environment in the community, from school to Pearson International. The airport is also only a 15-minute drive away. The school covers an area of 6.4 acres and enrolls students from kindergarten to grade 12. There are more than 300 students in the school. The average number of students in each class is 16.

Graduation destination:

The Firthstone School places great emphasis on nurturing students’ learning, social, and organizational skills so that they can enter their desired university and succeed at the university. Since entering the school, the Firthstone School has gradually cultivated students' ability to organize and manage and respond to examinations. After the meticulous training of the school and the efforts of the students, 98% of high school graduates have entered their preferred universities, such as Howard, McMahon, Queens, York, Waterloo, Guelph, McGill, UBC, Dalhousie, Harvard, and Southern California. , Penn, Boston, Cambridge, Exeter and so on.

Basic application materials: (Provide Chinese, English documents or North American study certificates)

1) Passport scan

2) Fill in the application form (including Student & Family Information, Student & Parent Questionnaire)

3) Application fee

4) The translation of the report card in the past two years plus notarization

5) Applicant's passport specifications photo

6) handwritten small composition

7) If you have a language test score, please provide a transcript (TOEFL or IELTS)

Application fee: $250

Tuition fee: $23,335

Event fee: $770

Graduation: $250

Book fee: $150


Accommodation Standards for the School: Host Family: Homestay in a local Canadian family provides a great help for international students to understand Canadian culture and improve English communication skills.

According to the individual requirements of international students, the school will coordinate the arrangements for international students to stay with classmates, staff, or nearby Canadian residents.

The situation of all homestay families has been carefully investigated by the school to ensure that international students live in a safe, healthy, comfortable and well-loved living environment.

Accommodation fee: homestay placement fee CAD300

Homestay fee (including separate bedroom and three meals) CAD850/month

Airport pick-up service: The school provides airport shuttle service for international students. For Chinese freshmen who come to school, they will assign someone who can move Chinese to the airport. The airport fee is 120 CAD.

1. Kindergarten to high school 12th grade course.

2. Ontario High School Diploma Program.

3. The core knowledge course: A set of brand-new education theories founded by the famous University of Virginia professor EDHirsch. Once it was introduced, it attracted the attention of the American education community, which opened the American primary and secondary schools. The wave of curriculum reform. Its courses cover a wide range of cultural knowledge, emphasizing the comprehensive cultivation of students' humanistic qualities, character cultivation and professional knowledge. Fieldston is Canada's only officially authorized school to open core knowledge courses.

4. The Cambridge Foundation programme allows able students to earn university credit in secondary schools and make it a strong guarantee for progression to a world-famous university.

5. American University Entrance Examination SAT Tutorial.

In addition, the school also provides many opportunities for students to exercise leadership skills, such as participating in community services, sports activities, school activities, and performances. Advocating students to accept six aspects of personality shaping education, the so-called "six pillars" and personality shaping education further strengthen counseling and community service activities such as tutoring students and student unions.

School facilities:

The school facilities are complete, including computer laboratories, multi-purpose science laboratories, indoor gymnasiums, fitness centers, medical centers, catering halls, and entertainment centers.