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60 Schools,900 Programs

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J. Addison School Established in 2002, Addison School is located in the largest city in Canada, the Toronto City of Markham. It is a private elementary and junior high school and college preparatory school that is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada. It has a self-contained campus and is well-equipped. J. Addison School Gaddson School has an excellent registered teaching staff in Ontario. Its rigorous teaching attitude is based on the principle of “all student-oriented”. The teachers are excellent. The experienced principal and the student’s academic guidance officer regularly assess every student. Behavior, learning situation. Analyze personal conditions for each student, and arrange phased goal plans and subject assistance plans.

College characteristics

At Calderon School, we provide positive results for international students and design a comprehensive study plan for students. Upon arrival, students will take a unified English assessment exam (including: listening, dialogue, and literacy). We will arrange targeted curriculum according to the language level of students. The first semester will focus on English training and lay a solid foundation for professional courses. In the selection of courses, we have a dedicated student student guidance officer to communicate with students on a one-to-one basis, analyze academic direction, and determine goals.

In 2010, Gadeson School and Athabasca University Athabasca University jointly organized a new university credit course. Students can attend university courses while attending high school courses. The advantage of this course is that students can take advanced courses before they can get a high school diploma. The university credits obtained can also be transferred to universities and colleges in North America. Under such a curriculum arrangement, Calderon students can enter the ideal university with excellent results.


Basic application materials: (Provide Chinese, English documents or North American study certificates)

1) Passport scan

2) Fill in the application form (including Student & Family Information, Student & Parent Questionnaire)

3) Application fee

4) The translation of the report card in the past two years plus notarization

5) Applicant's passport specifications photo

6) handwritten small composition

7) If you have a language test score, please provide a transcript (TOEFL or IELTS)

Registration application fee CAD$200

Annual tuition CAD$18,200

Lunch meal plan cost CAD$1,250

Freshman Costs CAD$400

Dormitory cost CAD$16,200

(Including the student's three meals a day during their stay in


G&D School provides well-managed and well-equipped accommodation services for overseas students. Services and facilities include:

1. Clean, sanitary and safe hostels. 24-hour full-time dormitories stationed in dormitories, computer intelligence, access to all floors in the school, electronic security systems, and closed-circuit television within and outside the 24-hour campus. Regular cleaning inside and outside the dormitory room.

2. Quadruple Suite offers more private space; each room has its own individual desk, chair, private closet, single bed, each bed includes basic mattress, quilt, and a new set of pillows for each new student. , pillowcases, quilts and quilts, students can bring their own personal bedding. Each room also has a separate toilet and bathroom, and wireless Internet access is also available. Students can use their own private computers in the dormitory. Other electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners and electric stoves cannot be brought into the room.

3. Twenty-four hours at the Dormitory Office of the Dormitory to handle daily and special events. In addition, the school regularly arranges medical staff to visit students and hold medical lectures to answer students' daily medical problems.

4. The student cafeteria provides daily rich, well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to Western food, there is also a meal in Weizhou.

5. The dormitory floor is also equipped with:

• Medical room, lounge, TV room, recreation room and student storage room

• Students study at the lobby, unlimited local calls and computer Internet access

• Self-service laundry and drying rooms; schools can also arrange laundry and dry cleaning, and other dry cleaning or pound washing services.

6. The dormitory is open throughout the school year, and long vacations such as the Holy Day and the New Year are not required to be removed. If the student chooses to stay in Canada during the summer vacation instead of returning home, the school may also arrange an extension of stay. Schools also offer summer credit courses. Students can speed up their credit requirements for entry to universities and advance to university.

7. Students should bring their own clothes for different occasions in order to participate in various activities, including daily clothes, casual clothes, sportswear, suit suits/skirts, snow-covered snowshoes and Daxie.

8. After obtaining the visa, the student must inform the school of the flight information and the date of arrival. The new student accommodation in the school will provide the first airport pick-up service for the first year free of charge.

This is a food and accommodation service for international students. It will also improve students’ independent living ability and their ability to communicate with others. The International Department of the School takes care of the daily life of students, protects the safety and interests of students, regularly provides parents with information about their children's accommodation and living conditions, and provides students with appropriate and immediate guidance on life, behavior and academic performance. Allow students to devote themselves fully to their studies. [2]

Note: Boarding students should not bring snacks and kettles into the room. The school reserves the right to check the wardrobe.

 G&D School emphasizes the overall development of students, not only providing students with quality academic education, but also arranging music and sports for students (soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, hockey, hockey, softball, swimming, boating, skiing, snowboarding) , ice skating, etc.), arts, crafts, drama performances, community services, leadership training and other extracurricular activities. Provide more channels and space for students' multi-faceted development.

The school regularly organizes students to visit Canadian historical and cultural attractions (such as Niagara Falls, the Toronto TV Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the urban attractions with Canadian historical and ethnic characteristics), allowing students to fully experience Canadian customs. There are also activities such as arranging football matches, skiing, picnics and picnics to allow students to cultivate team spirit through extra-curricular activities and to integrate learning and entertainment perfectly.

Monday-Friday: Daily courses; tutors are regularly assisted with and assist with daily homework; students can also enroll in private or group cram courses after class to improve academic performance.

Saturday-Sunday and Holidays: Every weekend, the school organizes various sports games, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc.; regular arrangements for a number of off-campus and local community visits, as well as various outdoor activities to integrate into groups. In addition, schools will also arrange shopping days for students to purchase daily necessities and clothing.