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60 Schools,900 Programs

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The Toronto Board of Education (TDSB) is Canada's largest public school board, and is also in the leading position in North America. Our school is located in every neighborhood of Toronto. These schools are the center of our study, as well as a variety of pre and post-event centers. There are 550 schools in the city, providing high quality primary and secondary education to 266,000 students.


Toronto Board of Education cordially welcomes primary and secondary school students from all over the world to enroll in our school. The school has highly qualified teachers and tutors as well as a wide range of world-class academic, business, science and technology and other well-designed special courses. Education Canada also offers international students varying degrees of ESL classes. The purpose of this course is to enable international students to integrate quickly and smoothly into formal learning programs.


The Toronto Board of Education wants to help each student to achieve the greatest accomplishments and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and values they deserve so that they can become the backbone of a democratic society.

Toronto Board of Education secondary school introduction

Secondary education

Secondary school from the ninth grade up to the twelfth grade, the course adopts credit system. If you obtain a secondary school diploma, you must complete 30 credits and complete the other conditions

Course selection

There are different courses to choose from in all subjects at Toronto Secondary School. In a range of subjects, students can further professional learning based on personal interests.

All English-speaking Canadian universities require students to have a high level of English proficiency. Therefore, the choice of learning courses, students should have a clear mind in the learning plan.

1. Documents

a.       Updated Cover Letter

b. Passport Home (scan)

c. Application fee of 200 Canadian dollars (original bill of exchange)

d. Application Form (scan)

e. Recommended Table (scan)

f. proof of reading (English and Chinese scanning)

g. Transcripts in the past 2 years (Chinese and English scanned)

h. Chinese and Canadian custody notary (scanning)

Note: If the student is less than two years old, you need to provide a transcript of your junior high school or primary school

2. Receive notice and pay tuition

3. Apply for a Canadian student visa

a. The first application must be processed outside Canada

b. Toronto Department of Education official admission letter and all guardian documents (for students under 18 years of age) must be submitted to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate for review

c. Other necessary documents should also be submitted to Canadian embassy or consulate for review

d. For student visa applications and up-to-date status, including issuance, rejection or delay, please contact Toronto Education Department at or fax (416) 395-8476

4. Arrived in Canada

a. Please arrive in Toronto within two to three weeks before the start of the semester. The English and Mathematics Competency Tests (Grades Nine-Twelfth) and Orientation for New Students will be held in conjunction with the last two weeks of August or the last week of January

b. Student English Upon arrival in August or January, go to the Toronto Board of Education Office of Student Assistant to check-in and provide the following documents:

Valid Study Permit


Prevention of Injection

Latest School Official Transcripts (Chinese   / English Notarized Version)

Student Form


C. At the same time, students will get the following information

Registration   Form (New Students)

Health   Card

New   student Orientation

English   and Math capacity test


d. Students need to go to school for registration and course selection (please make a reservation in advance)


Tuition Fees and Refund Policies


Secondary   School ( Grade 9 – Grade 12)

Academic   Year


Maximum   8 courses



Maximum   4 courses


2.Refund Policies

a. If Canada secures a denial of study permit, part of the tuition fee will be deducted (500 Canadian dollars) and the rest will be refunded in full. To apply for a refund, please attach:

The   original letter of refusal issued by the Canadian embassy

The   original Toronto School of Education letter of acceptance

Original   tuition receipt

Letter   for refund - Signature of parent and note of refund check payable to address


b. If a student submits a notice of withdrawal prior to the start of the course and has not applied for a study permit with the Canadian Immigration Board, refund of 2/3 of the required course credits will be made. To request a refund, please attach the address:

The original Toronto School of Education   letter of acceptance

Original tuition receipt

Letter for refund - signed by parents and   stamped with refund check payable to address

c. The student can not apply for a refund after applying to the Toronto Board of Education

d. After school, any part of the tuition fees paid by the student will not be refunded

e. Students whose tuition is not refundable should they be ordered to withdraw from school because of a breach of school rules

f. If a student changes his / her province of residence during the school year, the tuition fees paid will not be refunded. Students will not be eligible for a refund for a Canadian resident after they have paid their tuition fees.


-          TDSB, the largest secondary education system in North America, has the experience and resources to provide a rigorous and high-quality education to students from all over the world. TDSB's international students come from more than 170 countries and are the best kilometers to be placed in Toronto High School Learn with local students and experience different cultures and religions, gaining a new outlook on life and values. Completion of high school to receive the world recognized Ontario high school diploma (OSSD).

-          - There are many public secondary schools in TDSB that international students can choose from. Three schools can be pre-selected for enrollment. TDSB will try their best to meet the needs of students

-          - TDSB High School grades 9 to 12 are open to international students. Grades 9 and 10 fall into three categories: Academic, Applied and General; Grades 11 and 12 are grouped into five categories according to students' ambitions: Employment, College, College, University

-          - Completion of TDSB High School Year 12 Courses and Completion of 30 credits (1 credit normally 1 subject) to obtain a Toronto High School Diploma

-          - Toronto Board of Education TDSB High School offers many subjects including:


         Mandatory Courses

   18 Credits





    Canadian History

Canadian History




   Career Development


          Elective Courses

12 Creditsdepens on your interests








  Visual Arts


         Computer Science



   Classic Studies





How to get a Toronto high school diploma?

1. repair 30 credits, of which 18 required credits, 12 elective credits

2. To attend the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test in Year 10

3. Complete 40 hours of community volunteer service


course sorts:

The ninth and tenth grade courses fall into three main categories: academic, applied and general. All courses are based on the eighth grade teaching content and have strict standards. All courses prepare students for advanced study,


The 11th and 12th grade courses are divided into five categories based on their future aspirations. Students can choose from the following five categories: Career Preparation (E), College Preparation (C), University / College Preparation (M), University Preparation (U), and other General Studies (O).