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Baggage list

Every back-to-school seasons, you can see some new oversea students carrying several luggage in several large airports. Remembering me coming to Canada for the first time, it is also the same occasion. At that time, I also packed according to baggage list online, therefore, I carry a lot of useless stuff. In 2017, let us sort out a new baggage list!


Document - Please put in a document bag and carry it with you

1. Passport. Study Permit will be gave to you at CBSA’s, be sure to keep it in the safe place.

2. School’s letter of admission

3. Tuition fee receipt

4. School Pickup / Institution pick-up / homestay pick-up confirmation letter

5. The rest are: driver's license, notarization certificate of diploma and transcripts, proof of employment in English and Chinese, notarized birth certificates, etc., for future use when needed.

Learning articles

1. Favorite stationery & books, such as mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, etc., Canada's stationery here is more expensive than the domestic price and not so good-looking.

2. English-Chinese dictionary. This has been a lot of controversy. A dictionary is really heavy though, and people now use mobile phone a lot. But! In Canadian schools, after approval by professors, a dictionary can be taken during the examination. Students are suggested to bring a small dictionary for use when needed.

Books. Bring necessary tool books, novels, Chinese books in China not easily being bought.

Electronic products

Phone. If you want to bring domestic mobile phone use, it is best to buy a mobile phone without any contracts, so as to be used in Canada. It should be noted that, if you want to use Chinese mobile phone in Canada, when buying a calling card, be sure to try it first, because some mobile operator's card cannot be used in the Chinese mobile phone. Of course, if you buy a mobile phone here in Canada, there is no such trouble.

Laptop. Basically all students will bring a laptop, on the issue of Microsoft software, universities and colleges will provide free student version, if you are not sure whether your school will provide, it is best to change in China. Other software is also best installed.

3 conversion plug (must-have). Canada actually can buy, such as Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, but you had better bring one for the first time.

4. Others. Such as, tablets, cameras, U disk and so on can be brought as you desire.

Living articles

1. bring a set of four bed sets. Canada's bedding and other bedding quilt, the price is expensive and quality is not good, a good set of students bring their own. The quilt can take a frivolous deal with a few days, after which you can buy in Canada. Do not bring thick large quilts, big mattresses, not only Shen, but also can not use Canada's winter heating so thick quilt.

Kitchenware Can bring a good kitchen knife (laughs) and your favorite lunch box and a cutlery. Do not bring other pots and pans, Canada is also able to buy, do not come for the first time with a large wok, big steamer!

3. Toiletries. With a set of luggage installed toiletries / skin care products / cosmetics, etc. familiar with the environment to go to the Canadian supermarket to buy.

4 health supplies. Girls can bring a few packets of sanitary napkins, but it is not necessary to bring a year, Canada is also a useful sanitary napkin, such as T and U cards.

5. Drug articles. Drugs need to bring some standing medicine from the country, such as anti-inflammatory drugs (prescription drugs in Canada), cold medicine, Yunnanbaiyao, or their own commonly used drugs. Painkillers, antipyretics and anti-allergy medicines do not need to be taken, and Canada is easy to buy.

6.Others: Umbrellas (from the country with a good quality), batteries, combs, mugs, etc.

Clothes articles

1. Underwear: girls can bring several sets of underwear, there are many underwear brands in Canada, such as Victoria's Secret, Aerie, etc., the price is reasonable and also look good, you can wait for the familiar environment to buy; boys can also bring several sets of underwear .

2 socks can be more with. Canadian socks price is relatively high, but also no style designs.

3. Dress: Regardless of boys and girls, to Canada will certainly encounter to wear formal wear occasions. If the students are the general public's body, you can buy in the country or to Canada to buy; if the figure is rather special, it is best to buy in the country, to change the better, then bring oh.

4. Daily clothes: If you like fashion, like Japan and South Korea style boys and girls, it is best to buy in the country first, bring more clothes; if no requirements, you can take a few sets before buying in Canada; if you like big Brand, then buy the best in Canada after landing.

5. Sportswear: sports shoes or clothes to Canada to buy the most cost-effective, and more styles, the price is lower than the domestic.

6. Shoes: shoes to wear a pair of feet, with one or two pairs for the wear on it. Men can take a pair of shoes, girls with a pair of high heels. What basic shoes can be bought in Canada. In the trunk with more shoes not only Shen, still occupy the place.

7. Winter: Most winter in Canada is still very cold, you can come with one or two sets of winter clothes come from home, after Canada to see the need to buy again in the local.

8. Hats and gloves, preferably from the domestic zone, good quality, style and more.

The basic clothing can be purchased locally in Canada, but new students came when unfamiliar, so still a variety of clothes are ready for some more appropriate. Students are not tall and slim students from the country to bring more suitable for their own clothes.

Food articles

Note! What oil and sauce vinegar, rice cereals, supermarkets in Canada are able to buy, especially in major cities have Chinese supermarkets, buy domestic food are relaxed. If you are in a remote place, but also like to cook, you can bring some sauce, but the sauce is completely unnecessary belt.

2. All kinds of meat, egg yolk, seed food are not to bring, including instant noodles do not take.

In general, the food can be taken without the band, except with some small snacks to eat on the plane. Canadian supermarket food varieties are also very much, daily life needs can be met. If we bring some banned foods from the Customs, we find it necessary to go to a small black house and even be repatriated.

Gift articles

1. Can bring some small gifts with Chinese characteristics, such as tea, a small cross-stitch, small ink paintings, silk, small ceramic products, you can send home, send classmates, send friends, send professors, etc.

To summarize: bring the necessary, can not be bought with Canada (laughs). We carry a good luggage, light it! The vast world waiting for you to battles!