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Canada Traffic


The most important means of transport for students is the bus and the subway! Chinese students get accustomed to the development of public transport, as well as picking-up by parents. It is strange for anybody when coming to a new place to re-touch a new traffic system, so am I. therefore, let’s introduce the traffic in Toronto - Canada's largest city.

Price: Toronto's bus system called TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), including the bus, tram and the subway. Tickets are all-purpose. The fare is $ 3.25 per adult, Token is $ 3.00, The PRESTO card is also $ 3.00 and the monthly pass is $ 146.25. Seniors 65 and above and students between 13 yrs to 19 yrs are $ 2.10 each. Tokens are $ 2.05 and PRESTO card is $ 2.05. The monthly pass is $ 116.75. The fares slightly increase every year. Please refer to the following website for the specific price and other price categories.


Bus: Toronto's public transportation system is very developed, and the bus lines are basically designed by the direction of the urban roads (East and West - North and South), so a bus line is basically down to the end of the street. In addition, most of the bus will go past the subway, the transfer between the subway and the bus is also very convenient. Remind everyone, if you do not use the monthly pass, then get a transfer ticket towards the driver when you get on the bus (there will be a small machine in the subway, there is a transfer out of a press). Afterwards you can use the transfer ticket to other routes and do not need to pay again.

However, students should also pay attention to, Transfer is a prescribed use of time, and cannot be used for return. You have to pay for the return and overtime.

All TTC bus routes can be found at:

Tram/Streetcar: Unlike modern light rail systems, most of the tram lines in Toronto are not separated from other traffic. In addition, trams usually stop at major junctions like buses and make passengers up and off. There are only a few fixed stations along the route. In spite of this, some of the routes also run on like modern LRT. The tram system and the metro system are connected, so passengers are not required to show proof of payment when they transfer at some stations between the tram system and the subway system.

Streetcars can see the following website:

Subway: There are only four major subways in Toronto: Yellow Line 1, Yonge-University Line; Green Line 2, Bloor-Danforth Line; Blue Line 3; Scarborough Line; Purple Line 4, Sheppard Line.

The subway runs 6am – 1:30am from Monday to Saturday; 8am – 1:30am every Sunday. Each exit of subway station has a bus station, so it is more convenient.

Now the mobile software and navigation devices are very advanced. Taking the TTC as an example, as long as you enter the address on google map, the corresponding bus route will appear, and the bus about to arrive is also seen. Students who have just arrived in Toronto do not have to worry about, and very soon you will be familiar with Toronto's bus system.