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Interview Instruction


After students spend the hardship in academic study at school, the most concerned problem is how to find a good job. In this respect, I think that foreign students have both advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, apart from English, we also have our mother tongue in our hands. We have a bargaining chip than the locals on the job. Conversely, as foreigners, we are troubled by racial discrimination, language barriers and cultural differences. But whether to be able to enter their favorite areas of work, the interview is the key. Therefore, we are here to summarize the interview tips.

First, a complete resume is very necessary. Completeness does not mean to be exhaustive, as long as you point out the important information. However, in the process of introducing yourself, you have to highlight their own work and th associated advantages.  2017/11/15/81326931582433703.png

Then, using all kinds of resources to help find a job. You can register and update your own information on Linkin, maintain good relationships with your alumni and, if necessary, make internal referrals.

Furthermore, make a full preparation for the interview. When the resume is selected, candidates get the chance of the interview.

To understand the company's development history and job requirements for the job. Do not recite the text of the company website or brochure, to be self-understanding, can be narrated smoothly.

Investigate interview questions. Find more frequently asked questions on the Internet for interviews, and prepare for them; you can also contact the company's staff through various social networking sites to ask for interview information.

Self-assessment of yourself. Longitudinal analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, language packaging.

Conduct simulated interview. Find a few friends around who have the interview experience to help you conduct a simulated interview, pointing out where is the need to improve.

Preparing a decent set of clothes will increase the chance of success for your admission.


Finally, do a good job interview follow-up, will bring you a more effective multiplication effect!

Give a thank you letter to your interviewer within 24-48 hours of the interview. In the thank you letter, try to sell yourself again and emphasize how you fit in with the job; you can make a lot of contributions to the company.

I hope these suggestions can help you, I wish everyone in the interview all the best!