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First-time students or new immigrants, may often hear a word SIN card, then what is the SIN card? What can I do with this card? Xia Bian to study below for you to explain in detail.


The SIN card is actually what we commonly refer to as a "work card" or "social security card," the full name of the Social Insurance Number, which is issued by the Canadian Department of Human Resources Development (now it has been changed to a piece of paper with your card number recorded). This is a card that everybody who legally works in Canada needs. SIN is a social welfare tool used by the Canadian government to record your income, taxes, tax rebates, and more. The SIN number for international students usually starts with 9, while immigrants and other citizens begin with other numbers. SIN card also directly linked to your credit. 


(Old SIN card, new SIN card with a piece of paper instead)


SIN is almost the most important card since you arrived in Canada. Whether you go to school, work, bank accounts, buy insurance, buy a house, buy a house, file a tax, make pensions and unemployment insurance, or take part in major organizational activities, SIN card. SIN will permanently work with cardholders to work and live in Canada and record relevant important information about living in Canada.


The 2014 "June 1" New Deal stipulates that students with a Canadian study permit may work part-time while studying, but must apply for a SIN card before beginning work. Licenses issued after that date usually indicate conditions that can be validated off-campus and can be directed to the Service Canada office directly with a study permit and a school's full-time proof of attendance letter. During normal semester, up to 20 hours a week can work part-time, winter and summer vacations can work full time.


Foreign students can work and apply for a SIN card preconditions:

• Have a valid study permit

• Must be a full-time student, Part-time student not allowed

• Need to study in a professional course (ESL can not be read)

• The level of the course needs to be Post-secondary, not high school or below;

• Schools must be in a list of DLIs approved by the government (; usually all public tertiary institutions and universities are in that category.



Any one of Service Canada can handle SIN card, you can go to the site to search: App = hme & ln = eng