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Work permit introduction

Compared with the mainstream foreign countries for study, Canadian work permit policies are the friendliest to international students. Canada gives open work permit up to three years after graduating students (without finding an employer).

Closely related to foreign students and workers’ visas are as follows:

Co-op work permit

There is a kind of work permit called Co-op work permit which can only be applied during study. This work permit is not for all students but those who have an internship part in the academic courses. The visa needs a separate application. Application conditions are:

1. Have a valid study permit.

2. Provide proof of approval letter from the school (internship must be an integral part of a academic course taught in Canada);

3. Internship part cannot exceed 50% of the total academic study.

Spouse Work Permit

Every year, many international students come to Canada to study, some of whom are already married. In order to avoid long-term separation between the two places, many students hope to go to Canada with their spouses. Canada currently does not open an ‘accompanying visa’, but spouses can apply for a spouse work permit, which is an open work permit that does not restrict spouses' work in Canada. Spouses in Canada to meet one year's work experience and other conditions, may also be able to apply for Canadian experience immigrants.


The conditions for applying for a spouse work permit are:

International students have valid study permit;

International students study full-time at a government-accredited designated leaning institution;

The duration of spouse worker permit is no longer than duration of student visa, usually the same as the student visa.


Post graduate work permit

After graduation, foreign students can apply for a post-graduation work permit and work legally in Canada. After the applicant submits the application, the immigration office will issue a different duration of the work permit based on study time, and the application conditions are:

1. The program of applicants studying is not less than 8 months, and full-time study;

2. Applicants must graduate from a Canadian government-accredited designated leaning institutions, some private schools to meet the conditions can be;

3. Have to complete their studies and diplomas issued by the institutions certificate;

4. Must be issued in the school diploma or transcripts within 90 days after the application;

5. Must apply within the validity period of study permit;

What needs to be emphasized here is that the validity of the PGWP issued by the Immigration Bureau is determined according to the length of the school's learning program (not the length of the applicant's study)

1. Program less than 8 months is not eligible to apply;

2. Program more than 8 months and less than 2 years, PGWP has the same validity period as the programs;

3. Program is more than or equal to 2 years, PGWP has validity of 3 years (up to 3 years);

The processing time of PGWP is sometimes fast and slow, but students are able to work legally after submitting the PGWP submission.

PGWP can only be applied once in life, so please cherish the time that PGWP gives you and increase work experience for future immigration or higher job position!

We have a lot of experience in student visas and various kinds of work visa applications. In order to avoid any detours of applicants during their studies, we advise our overseas students to encounter problems that they do not understand. They must seek professional advice before they take it for granted. Pa school immigrants happy to provide you with free advice.