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Express Entry (EE) Program Introduction


The Express Entry in Canada was officially implemented on January 1, 2015. This is a pathway for skilled immigrants, which contains the following categories:

Canadian Experienced Classes (CEC)

Federal skilled workers (FSW)

Foreign Trade Worker Category (FTW)

Some provincial Nomination Program (PNP)


There are 4 steps from application to login:

The first step: information input online

The applicant first needs to create a profile in My CIC account. The system will score a total of 1200 points based on the applicant's comprehensive conditions including age, education background, language and working experience (domestic / overseas), and please that there are slightly different standards for spouse and no spouse.

In addition, if the applicants obtain provincial nomination certificate (has opened the fast track), you will get 600 points, you will be drawn by the Immigration Department at priority and invited to submit a full set of documents.

Once you registered an account, you must complete the information input within 60 days, or you need to re-create an account and re-enter information. Data input and submitted, the system will automatically generate the applicant's score. One year later, as long as the applicant still meet the conditions, you can take the initiative to update the information in the system. During one year, the applicant can update the information in the system, such as the new IELTS score;

Step two: getting the immigration department invitation

Immigration Department usually draws lots once or twice a week (there are a very few weeks or 3-4 weeks). Applicants who have reached the minimum invitation score will receive an invitation letter (ITA) issued by the Department of Immigration. Within 90 days after receiving the invitation letter, the applicant must submit relevant information online to CIC. We remind you here, in order to speed up, medical examination, no proof of criminal (lived more than 6 months) and landing fees and other information and costs are submitted to the immigration office during this stage.


Step three: sending passport

If all goes well, usually 3-6 months after submitting the application, the applicant will receive a notification of sending passport. Usually 1-2 weeks after the passport is sent, the applicant will receive the passport and landing paper affixed with immigrant visa sent by the immigration office.

Step four: landing

If you have a plan to go back to your home country, you can choose to return to China  and land. If you do not have a plan to go abroad, you can land on the border between the United States and Canada. You do not need a U.S. visa.