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CEC Introduction

Experienced immigrants, also known as CEC, are a form of immigration under the EE (Fast Immigration) system.

Application conditions:

• Must have one year (or equivalent to full-time part-time) work experience and work experience in the first three years of the application to meet one of NOC 0, A, B in the national occupational category;

• Meet certain language requirements: NOC 0, Class A Occupation: Minimum language requirement is CLB 7 (equivalent to IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing are 6 points); NOC Class B Occupation: Language minimum requirement is CLB 5 (Equivalent to IELTS listening, saying, written as 5 points, read as 4 points)

• Plan to live in a province outside of Quebec

Note: Self-employment and student work (including internship) can not be counted into working hours for immigrants.

Experienced immigrants are the main way to immigrate to international students in Canada. From January 1, 2015, experienced immigrants need to enter the EE system to score. Immigration will make an invitation every 2 weeks or so. So far, the lowest invitation score is 413 points.


We remind everyone here to introduce the federal skilled workers program, which is from January 1, 2015, also need to enter the EE system for scoring.

Federal skilled workers

Application conditions:

• At least one year of full-time work (or equivalent to full-time part-time work experience) in the past 10 years, with work experience in NOC 0, A or B Canada;

Language requirements: IELTS minimum 6 (listening, speaking, reading and writing all a minimum of 6 points);

• Minimum proof of funds;

• Minimum score: 67;

 Skilled workers grading standards:

Canadian skilled immigration scores include education, language, work, age, employment arrangements, six aspects of adaptability, with a total score of 100, pass 67