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Employment Letter Sample


Whether you apply for a Canadian study visa or a tourist visa, you need to provide a proof of income. If you have only a Chinese version of your job application letter, it is best to find a translation company or a notary office in English. Of course, you can also let the company Issued in Chinese and English version.

Usually many units and companies will also have their own letter templates, as long as the work certificate contains the name, date of birth, position, entry time, salary (bonus / year-end awards / subsidies, etc.), job responsibilities, company contacts Person, signature, date, address and other information, then this letter of certification is qualified. And study tyrants to remind us that, if issued directly in the English version, then both the Chinese and English versions of the company have to use letterhead printing, and must have the company seal.

Here to provide 2 employment letter Chinese samples for your reference. 

Letterhead company (including company address phone URL, etc.) 

Employment Letter

       I hereby certify that Mr. xx has an identity card number of 440722xxxxx and has been working at xxxx since xxxxx in the month of xxxx. Now his position is xxxxx, responsible for xxxxxx work.

        Mr. xxxx's annual income from wages, job subsidies and provident fund (Note: the individual income tax paid by the unit). The specific income for the past three years is as follows:


Basic Salary/ Year

Post subsidy / year

Provident Fund / year

Total annual income




(January till Now)


       Hereby Certify!



Proofer: xxxx (Signed)

Position: xxxxx

Xxx company (seal)

Date: 20xx xx month xx day                                                     



Letterhead company (including company address phone URL, etc.) 

Proof of employment

     I hereby certify that Ms. xxx has worked in xxxx since xxx since January 2004 and now possesses xxx, which is mainly responsible for xxxx.

        Ms. xxx's annual income consists of wage income and subsidized income:

        2015 revenue is as follows:

Wage income (Unit: RMB)

Subsidy income (Unit: RMB)

Total annual income (Unit: RMB)


2016 revenue is as follows

Wage income (Unit: RMB)

Subsidy income (Unit: RMB)

Total annual income (Unit: RMB)


   Revenue for 2017 is as follows (January to date)

Wage income (Unit: RMB)

Subsidy income (Unit: RMB)

Total annual income (Unit: RMB)


  The personal income tax involved in the income is withheld by the company. Hereby prove.


  Xxxx Corporation (seal)


    Position: xxxx

                                                                                       Date: xxx xxx month xx day