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Study Plan Sample  

When applying for a Canadian student visa for the first time, a Student's Study Plan in Canada will normally be submitted. The study plan must be submitted in conjunction with the application for study permit. The study plan must be from the applicant and should be about one page in length and include the following information:

• Why do you want to study in Canada at this school?

• Overall study objective

• How a degree will improve your career opportunities

A clear and targeted learning plan will increase chance approval of the applicant. E Canada School to remind students to study abroad, when applying for a visa do not forget to upload the study plan.

The following sample is for reference only:

Study plan

Dear officer,

{ Basic personal information } I am {name}, applicant from {country}, I graduated from high school in December 2016 with senior high school graduation diploma. I am very interested in studying in Canada, and I have received an offer from {Canadian School}. In September 2017, I will enroll in a 4-year program of {Major}. I have a good English basis and I got TOEFL iBT with a score of 84 in Sep. 2016.

{Use three to four sentences describe your interests} I have lots of hobbies.

{Use a sentences to describes your affection towards canada} As the society is undergoing rapid change, the same as business. As globalization allows people from all over the world starting to do business together. An advanced education in Canada is necessary for me to have an international perspective. The reasonable tuition and high standard living condition also attracted me deeply. Although I have been keeping learning English these years, I know that my English will be improved dramatically if I pay much attention to learn it in an English speaking country.

{Use a paragraph to describe your study plan in Canada}My study plan in Canada is as follows: I prepare to enter LEAF language program of Wilfrid Laurier University in April 2017. I will take 3 to 4 months ESL course to improve my English since I already obtained 84 TOFEL score. After finish ESL program, I will enroll in BA Economic with managementprogram. I will be awarded bachelor degree after the study in the university for four years.

{A sentence to describe your future career path, but please do not mention about immigration plan of moving to canada} As soon as I finish bachelor degree in BA Economic with management, I'd like to return back to Peru to work directly. First, it simply because my family live in Peru, and my parents hope me to live in our home country with them. The second reason is I feel lucky that I live in an era when Peru is undergoing rapid economic and political reforms. I would like to bridge the gap between the business economic and management of an organization in any industry. Moreover, my fluent English will be another advantage for me to enter an international company in (xx home country)  .

{Parents’ support} My parents started their own business when I was just born and they have accumulated enough funds. They will financially support me studying in Canada in next few years. I am appreciated that they use family fortune to support me studying in Canada. I will put all my efforts to study and utilize the knowledge that I will acquire in Canada to extend my own career in Peru.

Please kindly review my application and thank you for giving me a chance to study in Canada.


Best regards!



Applicant: {Name}

Date: xxxx