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Student accommodation

There are no more than three ways to stay in Canada for foreign students, school residence, homestay accommodation, and living off campus. The following part is to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these three accommodation methods to help you choose the most suitable way for your stay:2017/11/15/82444539183228848.png

School dormitory:


o Student dormitories have a 24-hour surveillance, and there are school security staff on call, student safety and security

o dorms are generally close to the campus, students do not have to spend too much time and money on the traffic, for students who love learning is very convenient

o Having a Canadian roommate or roommate in another country can greatly help improve your English.

o Meal Plan available at school, students can solve eating problems in school canteen or on-site restaurant

- Disadvantages

o A small number of students to apply early

o School dorms are relatively expensive relative to off-campus rental rooms

o Need to share the bathroom and kitchen

o Meal Plan school food mostly western-style food, Chinese students may be difficult to adapt to eat for two days

o If you have a roommate, you may encounter an incompatible roommate

o Crazy students may be in the dorm open party, loud noises.

Students intend to apply for dormitories, study Pa he suggested starting as often as possible to apply for single, so as not to meet the irregular roommate. At the same time depends on their own personality, whether to adapt to this dormitory life.


Accommodation family


o A better understanding of Canadians lives and cultures, and some homestay holidays bring students out to play

o Most families stay home for three meals a day, students do not have to worry about themselves

o Students can feel more at home

- Disadvantages

o The quality of accommodation families is variable and unfriendly accommodation families are also widespread

o There is a need to respect the rules of homestay families and to be less free

o Accommodation meals may not necessarily match your appetite

Students intend to apply for accommodation in the family, study tyrants recommended from the formal channels to apply for the school, these accommodation families will pass the school assessment, more secure.

Off-campus rental


o Whether it is rent basement, single room, single-family, apartment, you can choose their own house price satisfaction

o You can cook your own meals to make your own taste

o Freedom, you can arrange your own life, can also invite friends to get together at home (subject to the landlord's consent)

- Disadvantages

o If you just rent a single room, there are other roommates in the house, you need to share the kitchen or bathroom, but also need to run with roommates

o may encounter black hearted landlord, such as air conditioning is not warm / not cool, slow network, etc., rights are not easy

o Live independently and autonomously

Students intending to rent a school outside the school, hegemony is recommended to study abroad and then familiar with the environment began to rent. When looking for a house to see more than a few, you must sign a contract with the landlord, pay the rent to be with the landlord to get the receipt.