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Interesting Culture differences

Canada is a country with different cultures, especially in big cities such as Vancouver and Toronto where you will feel the culture from all over the world. Every year, Canada receive thousands of students and new immigrants, fresh from Canada, it is not easy to be fully aware of the cultural differences between China and Canada. Let’s  summarize the differences between China and Canada. 


1. Say the country with the largest number of "Conflicts". Neighboring neighbor The United States often teases Canadians. In China, many people are reluctant to say "thank you" or "sorry." In Canada, for example, a small trifle exudes "Sorry," for example, when people come in for the door to go out. Xiaobian think Canada this culture is very good thing, is very conducive to building a harmonious society!

2. a cup of Tim Hortons a day. Tim Hortons is the most popular national coffee shop in Canada's most famous chain (although the previous two years by the American brand Burger King acquired ...), like Chinese people like to drink tea, Canadian love of Tim Hortons and coffee but beyond Your imagination, would rather be late for the exam to buy a cup!

3. Garbage to be classified. Canadians classified as non-recyclable waste into garbage, recyclable waste, and kitchen waste, whether in public or at home, most people can take the initiative to do garbage disposal. This is a very good habit, just come to Canada students must pay attention Oh!

Go out without cash. Domestic mobile payment is very convenient now, with micro channel or Alipay can complete the payment, with a mobile phone will be able to go out. In Canada, the debit card and credit card used most are debit cards and credit cards. As long as the beep is on the POS machine, the payment of $ 100 or less can be completed. The same is true for the password of $ 100 or more. Even a two-dollar cup of coffee, but also credit card!

5. seriously ill run the hospital, a small disease run clinic. It does not mean that the hospital does not see the minor ailments but because the hospital seekers are queuing up in a hurry. If you only have a cold headache, you may have to go to the hospital for an eight-hour team. So in Canada is a little sick first look Clinic / family doctor, injured / sudden discomfort / major illness before going to the hospital.

6 million in advance appointment. See a doctor in Canada, repair a car, cut hair, take a taxi, eat and so on, all want to make an appointment.

A tax return every year. Canada tax returns every year, even if students do not have income, but also tax returns, one to pay the rent tax government will be returned to you, and secondly to pay tuition tax work can be used to tax credit. If later immigrants, a good tax record is necessary.

8. Observe the traffic rules. Red light stop green light, suspension to stop. Canada, whether a car or a pedestrian, adheres very closely to the rules of the road, even in the absence of traffic lights.

9. Do volunteer. Secondary school students in Canada must do a certain amount of time to graduate, and college students often volunteer to exercise themselves. Helping people's habits, Canadian children started to cultivate an early age! There are places where volunteers can be volunteers: churches, schools, communities, nursing homes, homeless people, stray cat / dog shelters, cancer funds, festivals and more.

10. Independence. Canadian children often spend their spare time to earn pocket money, such as helping the neighbors shovel the lawn, removing snow, walking the dog, distributing newspapers and the like. When they graduated from high school and entered the university as adults, they earned their own work even for tuition and living expenses. From an early age, they trained themselves independently of their parents. Domestic students should learn a lot, even if parents provide you with good conditions, but also exercise yourself!