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Documents Preparation 

Chinese students want to apply to Canadian universities, different schools the requirements will be different, but the basic materials required are similar. To apply for a Canadian university as an example (undergraduate, graduate), we take a look at the needed documents:



- School Transcripts: High school students need to provide three years of performance, college students should provide the results of four years college (college students can not provide the final semester results, you can usually apply for acceptance after the submission). For college students, you need to calculate the GPA, Canadian universities will use this to determine the level of this student. Transcripts should be available in both English and Chinese. An English translation is also required.

- College entrance examination scores or exam results: For high school graduates, most good universities will require the provision of college entrance examination results. Such as the University of Toronto, college entrance examination scores at least to meet the heavy line to meet the requirements.

- Diploma and degree certificate: High school graduates provide graduation certificates and certified translations; college graduates provide diplomas and degree certificates, and certified translations;

- English Grades: Most English universities in Canada have English grades such as IELTS and TOEFL. Such as University of Toronto requires IELTS score 6.5, single section does not lose 6 points. The basic requirements of colleges and universities IELTS score 6 points, no less than 5.5 single subjects. If you do not have an English grade or your English score has not been met, some Canadian universities offer language + professional double entry, such as Western University, York University, and more.

- Reseme / CV: The equivalent of a personal introduction, so that the university can understand your complete your personal information, resume, professional expertise, hobbies, social practice, awards and so on. This is especially important for graduate students.

- References: A high school teacher, or university teacher and professor of a period of their own assessment of a comment, as well as their study abroad hope that in the professional development of a recommendation. You should prepare at least 3 references when apply to graduate programs. General application undergraduate recommendation letter is not necessary, but to apply for a graduate student, the recommendation letter is essential. Many schools will ask you to leave references' contact information (e-mail) when you apply online. The school will send e-mail directly with the references, ask them to give you a recommendation letter or directly understand your learning situation, so the students contact there references in advanced.


The above is the basic materials required to apply for a Canadian undergraduate or graduate, the specific requirements we still have to the official school information shall prevail.