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Canada Education:

Canada's per capita public education spending is one of the highest in the world. Citizens or permanent residents and their children enjoy free education from primary to secondary. The government also has a high allowance for higher education.

Compared with international students, immigrants or citizens studying in Canada, the cost is quite low. First, international students enrolled in primary and secondary schools costs about 15,000 Canadian dollars / school year, while immigrants or citizens of primary and secondary schools study free of charge; secondly, international students attending university costs about 20,000 Canadian dollars - 45,000 Canadian dollars (see specific schools). And immigrants or citizens studying in universities cost about one-quarter to one-fifth of international students' fees, but they can also apply for government interest-free loans.

Canada's higher education is widely recognized in many countries in the world. And despite Canada's world-renowned education quality, its tuition is relatively low among the same-class English-speaking developed countries. Canada has had as many as 200,000 international students each year in recent years because of the high quality of Canada's education standards and the fact that as the government places more emphasis on the education industry, the number is expected to double in 2022.


Advantages of studying in Canada are as follows:

• Canadian universities rank among the highest in the world; Canadian degrees are highly regarded throughout the world;

• Canadian international students have lower tuition and living costs than the world average;

• Eligible students gain valuable Canadian work experience through off-campus work;

• After graduating from post-secondary education in Canada, you can directly get a post-graduation visa (without the employer's guarantee). After you meet certain conditions, you can apply for immigration.

• Canada is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country, highly inclusive;

• Canada is one of the most liveable countries in the world;

Canadian study visa introduction:

Foreign students who want to study lawfully in Canada generally need to apply for a Canadian study visa in advance (not required for short courses of less than 6 months). And apply for a visa to study generally require certain conditions:

1. Guarantee: The ability to guarantee funds under the guarantor's (usually the parent / applicant) is one of the most important conditions for a visa to study in Canada.

2. Guarantor income: Guarantor's continued income level is one of the conditions for visa review;

3. A reasonable study plan: The Migration Board uses the student's study plan to determine if the applicant is a real learner. In addition the applicant has a certain language base (such as a certain IELTS score) will also increase the success rate of the visa.

Apply for Canada study visa flow chart: