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York University's latest news:
After six years of construction, the extension of TTC Metro Line 1 in Toronto is finally on December 15, 2017. There are two new subway stations within the Keele campus at York University, one at the center of the campus and the other at the north end of the campus. The opening of the MTR offers more than one public transport option to more than 60,000 students and faculty in the school.



About York University:
Founded in 1959, York University is the second largest university in Ontario and the third largest university in Canada. With more than 7,000 faculty members, York currently has 46,400 undergraduates, 5,900 graduate and doctoral students, including 6,200 international students from 178 countries. York University has established partnerships with more than 200 universities around the world. York University currently has about 300,000 alumni.2018/1/18/133517964768627769.png

Creative Research at York University:
York University has 1,400 researchers, 36 have Canada Research Chairs title, has 25 research centers. Vision Research is ranked in the top 5 globally and Business Research in the world top 15.
York University teaching and learning achievements:
York University has 11 faculties, 5,000 courses, over 200 undergraduate and graduate majors. York University has the largest liberal arts college in Canada, and Schlick Business School and psychology rank among the best in the world. 94% University of York professors have the highest education in their field of study, and 90% of York students find jobs within two years of graduation.

York University Support for Student Success:
There are approximately 1,900 on-campus job opportunities each year at York University; the school has over 300 student clubs and student organizations; York University has eight libraries; York University is one of three Canadian tertiary education systems;
York University future development:
• By 2021, the University of York will be open in the Markham Center campus in Greater Toronto Area
• In 2018, Schlick Business School at York University will have a 67,000 ft2 new teaching building
• The new York Student Center is under construction and will have 126,000 ft2 of new student centers upon completion. The building is student-centered and has a variety of different features.2018/1/18/133527730181706797.png

About York University Language Department YUELI:
Improve your English skills by studying at the YUELI, York University English Language Institute.

Q & A Time:
Q1: Can I read the language without English?
A: For language-based students, you can start reading at level 1 of the Academic Program (AP). AP is divided into 9 levels, each level about 2 months or so. The following figure is the AP level diagram (in the middle of some levels can accelerate, fast track)2018/1/18/133532903366965147.png


Q2: What level of language can I apply at the University of York where I can apply for a double entry for language + undergraduate majors?
A: When AP students read Level 6, they can apply for YUBridge. At this time, they can apply for undergraduate admission. It is noteworthy that during YUBridge, students can also take undergraduate credits, up to elective courses in three courses, 9 credits.

Q3: IELTS scores, but did not hit IELTS 6.5, what level in the language department began to read? Can I apply for language + undergraduate dual admission?
A: If the student IELTS score has 5 points, you can also apply directly to YUBridge (AP6 level - AP9 level) + undergraduate dual enrollment. After 8 months of language study, you can directly enter undergraduate study at York University after passing the language study.
If the student IELTS score of 5.5 points, you can apply directly to Pre-Destination York (AP7) + Destination York (AP8-AP9) + dual undergraduate enrollment. Language learning duration of 4 months, after the language study, directly into the York University undergraduate study.
If the student IELTS score 6 points, you can apply directly to the Destination York (AP8-AP9 level) + undergraduate dual enrollment. Language learning duration 2 months, after passing the language study, directly into the York University undergraduate study.

Q4: What is the tuition fee for Academic Program (AP), YUBridge, Pre-Destination York, Destination York respectively?




Tuition   Fees

Academic Program


2018-03-05 2018-04-27;或






YUBridge   Program

2018-05-07 2018-12-20;或


$22,395/ (约8个月)

Pre-Destination York




Destination York






Q5: York University graduate dual admission? I want to apply for a graduate professional, but English does not meet the standard how to do?
A: The University of York does not offer double admission to Master's degree programs, but its Graduate Studies Preparation Program (GSPP) is quite well known. Students with undergraduate language scores who do not pass the language proficiency level can improve their language and research through the GSPP program . IELTS 5.5 points students, need to participate in 8 months of GSPP courses; 6.5 IELTS students, need to participate in 4 months GSPP course. Although GSPP can not guarantee that students will be admitted to a postgraduate degree at York University, the program is very prestigious and high quality across Ontario and students completing GSPP classes receive 80% of all Admission Notice to their favorite schools.

Q6: I would like to apply to the University of York, a famous law graduate professional, MBA, other conditions are met, but English has not yet reached the standard, York University for these professional English courses?
A: The York University also offers an Intensive Advanced Legal English Program for law students with a minimum entry requirement of 6.5 for IELTS and a 4-month program. The required MBA / Specialized Master's Program for MAB and special postgraduate students requires 6.5 Course length is 2 months.