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  • 2017/12/5 7:37
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Please be aware! If applicant under 18 years old did not submit this document, your visa extension might got refused!


Recently, we have received several consulting calls. Students said they were law-abiding and full-time students in Canada. However, when they applied for renewal, their study permits were refused. Today, we will tell you the "pit" that needs attention.


If the applicants are under the age of 18, applicants should sign the Guardian's Declaration, which is the IMM5646 Custodian Declaration Form on the CIC website. However, due to the fact that all applicants now apply online, the generated list does not require the guardian to upload, so many applicants will miss this document and eventually result in the rejection of the student visa.

However, many applicants still doubt where exactly do I upload this document? Applicants need to submit the IMM5646 Guardian's Declaration on the other documents area on the CIC's official website (other). The declaration is made up of two parts, one part is the parental information of the applicants under the age of 18 and their signatures, and the second part is document signed by a Canadian guardian above the age of 18. Guardians need to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and documents need lawyers’witness. If the parents of students are both in China, you need to take the document to the notary office to sign. If study permit extensions of applicants under the age of 18 did not provide this document, their renewals may be rejected by the immigration office.


Pictures above is generation diagram from CIC website, there is no icon for uploading the guardian's declaration IMM5646, so many applicants did not submit the application, which led to study permit refusal.

To sum up, what students need to prepare at submission of study permit renewal.

For example, a student A, aged under 18 year old, a full-time student in a Canadian secondary school, study permit is about to be expired. (Immigration office suggests that applicants need to renew in advance of 3 months before the expiration).

Student A need to submit the materials as follows:

1. Form IMM5709 (download from CIC website)

2. Bank deposit certificate

3. Scanned front page of passport

4. One piece of electronic photo

5. Letter of admission

6. Form IMM5646 (guardian's affidavit)

Currently, the processing time is 65 days (online submission), the screenshot is as below: