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  • 2018/5/15 18:58
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In the past, there were many private high schools in Canada, including girls' schools or boys' schools. 80%-90% of prestigious school attendance rates will certainly attract many Chinese parents who want to send their children to Canada to study private high schools. As we all know, many private high schools in foreign countries not only require students to provide high school transcripts, personal statements, but also need to attend school interviews to consider students' English proficiency. Today will give you a comprehensive analysis of what will be involved in private high school interviews in Canada.

Each high school interview is not bad. The purpose of the interview is that the school teacher wants to understand the English level of the international students and see if you can have normal English communication with the classmates and whether the class teacher’s knowledge can be understood and understood. There is an interview to understand students' interests, interests, and personality. These questions are basic questions. There will be no problems that are difficult or long-lasting. Students need not worry, as long as they answer according to their actual situation.

The reference questions are as follows:

1. Why did you want to come to Canada to study?

2. Why do many schools in Canada choose our school?

3. How much do we know about the history, culture, and campus of our school?

How is your current school? Please explain briefly

5. What is your biggest interest? Please give one or two examples for a detailed description

6. How are your academic achievements? What is the English achievement?

7. What is your personality like?

8. What kind of student do you play in your current school?

9. Did you get any awards and participate in any competition? Can you show it to me?

10. Do you think it is difficult to come to Canada to read high school? What is the biggest difficulty?

11. How do you overcome difficulties?

12. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

13. What is your favorite subject in school? why?

14. Did you recently read an extracurricular book? Which one is your favorite?

15. Have you ever participated in an English training class?

16. Do you have any expectations for high school in Canada?

17. Do you have an idea of which universities and majors to study in the future?

18. Do you understand our local climate? Is it the same climate as your hometown?

19. What do your parents do? Do they support you to study abroad?

20. Do you have relatives in Canada?

These are some of the basic interview reference questions. The school interviewer will also extend more questions through the students' answers. However, there is no need to worry about it. It will be a basic question about the student. Just answer it honestly.


1. Be sure to prepare before attending the interview. Read about the school's introduction. Don't panic. When you don't understand what the other person is asking, be sure to confirm it again. The questions you don’t want to answer are not what the other person wants to know.

2. In general, international students in China will interview the school via online video. Skype has more interviews, and some schools have telephone interviews. After making a good appointment in advance, be sure to attend on time and formal wear in the first half. It is best that parents and students participate together. It seems that parents value the students to study abroad.

3. Before the interview, you can prepare the documents for certificates, certificates, etc., and put them on hand. When the school asks you, you can prove it to the teacher.

4. To be optimistic and confident when interviewing, even if parents do not understand English, they must show their full support for students to read. Don't diverge during the interview. Each question is best rehearsed in advance.

5. The family background is one of the questions that will definitely be asked. The school will ask this question, mainly considering whether the student's family status can afford tuition and accommodation fees for private schools. There is also an understanding of the student's family background.