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Canada’s environmental engineering expertise has been at the forefront of the world as early as 50 years ago and has always been a dominant specialty in North America. The entire teaching philosophy is to focus on cultivating students' subject knowledge and practical applications. There is an experimental class for basic education in undergraduate courses. Students learn how to operate in an experimental class. Today, Bahalai studying abroad introduced several Undergraduate Studies programs for environmental engineering.


University of Waterloo 

Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering

Professional presentation

Projects include cleaning up contaminated soil, preventing E. coli outbreaks, and designing smarter ways to treat and manage water. Canada’s largest environmental engineering program provides students with technically rigorous engineering degrees as well as scientific knowledge and environmental insights. Students will study courses in engineering, chemistry, biology, and geology, and use an extensive knowledge base to deal with water, soil, and air pollution. At the same time, through the Co-op opportunity provided by the school, students will receive a 2-year paid internship experience, allowing students to make money to help pay for the student's education costs and find the most suitable career area.

Class sizes range from 40 to 50 students. Students will meet with classmates and professors in a friendly environment.

Professional Features

· 2 years paid internship

· High school graduates can apply directly, with high school scores reaching over 80%

· Bachelor of Applied Science degree

· University of Waterloo has Canada's #1 engineering program

· Students can earn approximately $17,800 per internship

Co-op internship

· Engineering - Repair Service

· Design Technician, York Regional City Council

· Meter data reduction assistant

· Water/Wastewater Project Assistant

· Production analyst

· Engineering Assistant, Environmental Science Research Institute

· Resource protection

Latest Graduate Trends

· Environmental Engineer, Shell Canada

· Project Manager, Peritus Environmental Consultants

· Geotechnical Engineer, EBA Engineering Consultants

· Water Consultant, City of Toronto

Senior Engineer, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

· Environmental Controllers, Coffery Geotechnics

· Group Water Resources Engineer, MMM Group

· Technical Officer, Independent Electricity System Operator



University of McGill 

Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering

Professional presentation

The goal of environmental engineering is to ensure that social development and the use of water, land and air resources are sustainable. This goal is achieved by managing these resources so as to minimize environmental pollution and degradation. Environmental engineers study water, soil and air pollution problems, and formulate the technical solutions needed for solutions to mitigate or control these problems in ways that meet legislative, economic, social, and political concerns. Civil engineers are particularly involved in activities such as water supply and sewerage, surface water and groundwater quality management, contaminated site remediation and solid waste management. The activities of these engineers include, but are not limited to, the planning, design, construction, and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities in municipalities and industries, the modeling and analysis of surface water and groundwater quality, the design of soil and remediation systems, the planning of wastewater and Sludge disposal and reuse, as well as collection, transportation, treatment, recycling and disposal of solid waste in accordance with recognized engineering practices. Environmental engineers are required to play an important role in environmental protection because engineering solutions are required to meet the environmental standards set by legislation. Consulting companies, municipal governments, government agencies, industry and non-governmental organizations, and professional contractors are potential employers of civil engineers who specialize in environmental engineering.


University of Guelph 

Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering

Professional presentation

Guelf's environmental engineering program is fundamentally designed as a complete, comprehensive environmental program. It provides in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical and biological systems and emphasizes engineering design. The important role that student experience environmental engineering plays in meeting the current and future needs of all humans. Environmental engineers are educated to design and develop sustainable solutions to prevent environmental degradation and address global environmental challenges. As an environmental engineering student, the subject will cover the following topics:

Air Pollution Control, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Pollution Prevention, Energy and Water Conservation, Water Reuse, Low Impact Development, Website Remediation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Sustainable Energy Solutions, Water Distribution Networks, Environmental Law

Graduation trend

As a graduate of environmental engineering, you can engage in industry, consulting, research and government work. Environmental engineers can solve environmental problems in the real world, such as pollution prevention, the remediation of polluted workplaces, the design of water and sewage treatment facilities, reduction of automobile pollutant emissions, and reduction of industrial pollutants.


Carleton University

Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering

Professional presentation

Environmental engineers ensure that we have clean drinking water, clean air for breathing, clean soil to grow our crops, and clean energy to sustain our growth. The goal of environmental engineering is to provide sustainable green solutions to many of the problems and challenges facing our society and provide us and our ecosystem with a clean and healthy environment. Environmental engineers use engineering and scientific principles to design innovative processing technologies that help reduce our environmental footprint, prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, ensure drinking water safety, and achieve environmental sustainability. Students can apply directly after graduating from high school, and high school grades must reach 75-80%.

Co-op internship

As an environmental engineering student, you will have the opportunity to apply for Co-op. Co-op is included in the degree program. Usually, there will be four consecutive working hours in the same company after the third year. Our courses are closely related to government departments and institutions as well as private companies and provide students with valuable work experience and contact information. These experiences and contacts will benefit them in the future.





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