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College Introduction:

Founded in 2001, the Toronto Film Academy is affiliated with the RCC Institute of Technology in Canada. It is the only professional Canadian film and television institution certified by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It has the qualifications for enrolling international students. It has both the Chinese government and the A college college recognized by the Canadian government education department. The college has long been famous in the Toronto area and many graduates have become leaders in the local entertainment industry.

Geographic environment:

Toronto Film School is located in downtown Toronto. In addition to the professionalism of the Toronto Film School, which closely follows the development of the industry, many aspects of the rapid development of the college benefit from Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

Toronto is not only Canada's largest city, but also an important film and television base in North America. It is known as "Northern Hollywood" and attracts a large number of American and European film and television companies to film and produce in Toronto every year.

Toronto is also home to the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF, one of the most important international film festivals. It is also the host city for the North American Animation Festival and the Toronto International Fashion Week.

College Advantages:

Toronto is not only Canada's largest city and financial center, it is also North America's movie and television center, known as "Northern Hollywood", which attracts a large number of American and European film and television companies to film and produce in Toronto every year. Toronto is also one of the most important film festivals in the world. It is the host city of Toronto International Animation Festival and Toronto International Fashion Week. Students at the Toronto Film Academy not only have many opportunities to personally participate in these activities, but also in the downtown campus on a daily basis. You can feel the impact of movies, fashion, culture and ideas from all over the world.

Provide Professional:

Film production, animation design, fashion and entertainment marketing, film, television and theatrical performance, animation development, film and television screenwriter, fashion design, graphic design and multimedia, ESL language courses.


If you want to stay with a host family, you can consider homestay options. This option provides a home environment, a comfortable home and environment that can answer your questions and provide insights into Toronto and Canada life. In addition, you may live with other international students who can be reached! Family accommodation offers a living area, as well as a TV, laundry and internet. The costs vary (depending on the meal plan and Home Stay), but the cost is approximately 750 CAD/month.

Casa Toronto

20 – 90 George Henry Blvd

M2J1E7, Toronto, ON


Tel: 647-709-2013


Student Homestay Services

495 Oriole Parkway, Suite 2

M5P 2H9, Toronto ON


Tel: 416-480-0678

Fax: 416-486-3061


Advantages of Chinese students studying in Canada:

The Toronto Film Academy is fully open to Chinese students. Compared to some film and television academies in Europe and the United States, the Toronto Film Academy has about 40% of the US colleges and universities under the same professional curriculum.

Entry conditions:

High school or above education level. (Only one of the following language grades is required)

TOEFL: iBT 70, 70 TOEFL.

IELTS: Academic 5 points

CanTEST: 5 points for reading/hearing/speaking, 4.0 points for writing.

MELAB: 73 points.

Canadian Academic English Test (CAEL): 60 points.

Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment Test (CLBA): Listening / Speaking 0 points, Reading 6.0 points, Writing 5.0 points.

If you cannot provide students with the above language results, you can apply for "language + professional" double admission. Complete the school's full-time ESL training institution before entering professional courses.

Start time:

Every year 1, 4, 7, and October, each major is different.

Academic requirements:

Before applying, applicants need to complete courses in the country where they are in high school or above. Please attach a notarized diploma of high school or higher education and a Chinese-English transcript with the official seal of the school to your submission. If international students wish to transfer the same professional credits they had previously completed at the college to the Toronto Film Academy, they must submit a Chinese-English academic report with the official seal of the school and a professional introduction translated into English and a description of each professional course outline course. Credit transfer will be based on the student’s specific circumstances. A transcript may need to be assessed by a foreign transcript assessment agency to determine the student's corresponding scholastic ability in Canada.

A list of assessment service agencies recognized by our school

Ontario Comparative Education Assessment Service

Ontario Education Evaluation Service

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS of Canada)

Canadian International Diploma Assessment Service (ICAS, Canada)

World Education Services (WES Canada)

World Education Service (WES, Canada)

If you have any questions about foreign diploma assessment, please click for more information.

 Language requirements:

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for entering the Toronto Film Academy. Students who wish to apply for direct entry to our school can demonstrate English proficiency by providing the following official accredited English language test scores for the second foreign language:

Second foreign language test score requirements

TOEFL: iBT 70 TOEFL 70 points

IELTS: Academic 5.5 minutes

Canadian Test of English Proficiency (CanTEST): Reading/Listening/Speaking 4.5 points Writing 4.0

Michigan English Test (MELAB): 73 points

Canadian Academic English Test (CAEL): 60 points

Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment Test (CLBA): Listening / Speaking 5.0 out of 6.0 Reading 5.0 Writing 5.0


The 18-month college diploma is approximately $6,078 per semester.

The 12-month academic diploma is approximately $6,018 per semester.




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