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  • 2018/7/9 7:56
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It is very difficult to avoid the taste of Chinese food, after all, to the Kingdom of Hamburg or a lot of students are too late to adapt to the eating habits here. Xiao Bian is a study in Toronto4Years of senior cargo, in this4In the year to taste the size of Toronto restaurants, then the next small series for you to recommend some Chinese restaurant bar, including Sichuan cuisine, hot pot, desserts, drinks stores and so on.

Warm tip: This article does not recommend students reading in the night!

1、Zenq Dessert

ZenQ Dessert is a combination of trendy ideas and ancient traditional crafts brand, to provide unique innovative taste of the product. Shang fresh ingredients plus rigorous production flow of air pipe and the market novel store horizontal, will be desktop dessert Marketing International, give smooth dessert snacks new life.


2 (Petit Potato) New-Pie Casual Restaurant


There's a variety of different dishes., Let your taste buds experience the lingering aftertaste,Enjoy the fragrance of the teeth. A little more nonsense, this is for the students on the map:

3、Dezhun hotpot(Morals Village)


The birth of Dezhun taste, the interpretation of the combination of tradition and fashion. Adhering to the "original flavor, fresh, health, innovation" concept and principles, in the Chinese food brand Dezhun hotpot based on the integration of exotic cuisine elements, from the production, service to the environment, Dezhun taste persistent every detail, respect for the national culture, the pursuit of the perfect hot pot diet, in good faith to convey the attitude of Chinese cuisine to the world, To create a unique hot pot boutique. Dezhun taste insist to choose from the production base of Chongqing Tak Zhuang original imported materials, from the recruitment of experts carefully selected raw materials quality, to the development and inheritance of traditional and innovative cooking practices, food nutrition with strict assurance, are embodied in the Dezhun taste meticulous, excellence, will eat color fragrance to play the pursuit of dripping.


4Small Fat lamb hotpot (Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Small Fat lamb hotpot-little Sheep Hot PotAbout 6.1 moments came in theWarden & FinchNear the little Fat Lamb hotpot shop. The first impression is very good, the walls have all kinds of abstract images of sheep and Mongolian style photos, There are small display in the window with unique Mongolian yurts and camels, Suspended Chinese festival and two traditional Mongolian musical instruments-Matouqin It is really a Mongolian feature, but also a sense of the contemporary atmosphere.


5, Congee Shop

Congee Shop (Congee Me)。 Homely fry, steamed stuffed bun, homely congee, street snack, handmade noodles, rice bowls, etc., the price is very close to the people.

Recommended dishes: Purple rice porridge, pumpkin porridge and other porridge, leek egg bag, homemade pies, dry fried polyactis, brown sugar cake.


6, Small Courtyard No. nineth (Chat Bar)

Nineth Small courtyard Barbecue is northeast Harbin Barbecue flavor son, pure charcoal barbecue, whether it is mutton string, beef skewers, roasted collagen protein (soft incense seductive pigskin), can reflect the highest level of Toronto barbecue, in the mood will be more winning a chip.

Others do not say, as long as you come in will love, no matter how old you are, as long as in China to live, can find a memory of a certain page, the original small courtyard complex in everyone's heart even so deep. The style is so fascinating that it's not like a big restaurant, and it's not as shabby as a small restaurant, but it's more like a bar than a restaurant. Compared to more rounds of other barbecue shops, nineth small courtyard did not take barbecue as the name, but in fact, the big sell cooking, but down-to-earth do barbecue.