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  • 2018/7/20 8:31
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What puzzles students and newcomers is the policy of carrying cash in and out of the border.  In the major forums and media reports, there is no lack of cash confiscation of the information, so that people who do not understand the entry and exit carefully, formidable enemy. First of all, let us immigrants explain to you the official statement of the Canadian Border Office (CBSA) ( 



1. Can you bring more than 10,000 Canadian dollars to Canada? 

A: The Canadian Services Border Bureau stresses that the carrying of a monetary value of $10,000 (including banknotes, coins, etc., which can be exchanged for money, currency and monetary instrument) and above must be faithfully declared.  

2. Who needs to declare it?  

A: All travelers, express mail, or take the place of someone else carrying property.

3. Why to carry more than 10,000 Canadian dollars to declare it?


A: Obviously, this declaration policy is not to embarrass travelers or immigrants, but to combat financial and terrorist crimes, thereby preventing unscrupulous criminals from laundering money or financing.


4. What will be the consequences if there is no truthful declaration of carrying amount?


A: If there is no true declaration of the amount of carrying, once found, the Canadian Border Bureau has the right to confiscate, and sentenced to 250 to 5000 plus currency fines. 


5. What is the amount of tax payable if declared? 

A: This is an erroneous zone, usually students with more than 10,000 dollars in tuition fees or living expenses of entry does not need to pay tax, unless you emigrate after the overseas income, then you need to be in the next year's tax statement.