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  • 2018/7/20 9:10
  • 留学霸
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CIIS firmly believes that the students in China or those who are ready to come abroad to live abroad are full of wonderful illusions about foreign countries. Many people really yearn for life like Hollywood movies in North America, as well as the sun-beach beaches in North America and the shopping malls with famous brands. Even people will look forward to the luxury car brands in North America. Today, I will take you to learn about Canada’s splendid moments in the movie.



1. Canadian prices and tax rates


How much does it cost to earn in Canada each month? This topic is heavy for people living in Canada. Anyway, the current annual income of 100,000 is not crowded into the real estate market in Toronto/Vancouver; about a quarter of Canadians feel that the price of supermarket food is unacceptable; the tax paid is more than all the necessary expenses for eating and drinking. ...feeling that spending more every month is not enough.

The so-called high prices do not want to buy brand-name clothes or brand-name bags, these are indeed cheaper than domestic, but these things can really eat, can you drink? The price of purchasing daily necessities in Canada is often much higher than the domestic price, such as mineral water, milk, fruits, vegetables, meat and so on. The cost of these daily necessities and hygiene products is not comparable to that of the country. Please see the comparison chart below:


Image by Super Life Super Life


In terms of accommodation, Canada's first-tier cities such as Vancouver and one-bedroom rents in downtown Toronto have reached more than 2,000 Canadian dollars. For young white-collar workers, they need to earn 4,000 Canadian dollars before tax every month to barely pay for living expenses!



Before talking about taxes, I have to pay the Canadian tax rate. Many new immigrants and international students will be spoiled in Canada when they first arrive in Canada. What is the most expensive? The tax is the most expensive! The price of the items in the mall is excluding consumption tax. If you purchase the product, you need to pay extra HST/GST, and the consumption tax rate is specified according to different provinces, which is basically between 5% and 15%. The BC and Ontario consumption tax rates for Chinese residents are 12% and 13% respectively.


Another point is the personal income tax rate that is quite different from China. The federal government will set tax rates according to different income classes:



But it is because the tax residents of Canada work diligently and legally to pay taxes every year to make Canada a good social welfare.



2. Canadian traffic



CIIS’s speculation may be due to the fact that Canada’s sparsely populated and sparsely populated areas have caused Canada’s public transport to lag behind. Take the first-tier cities of Vancouver and Toronto as an example. Toronto's subway is far from the domestic ones. The first is speed. The domestic subway is about 3-4 minutes, and the subway in Toronto is about 5-6. Minutes a minute or even longer. In Canada's subway, the frequency of bus departures is much lower than that of the domestic ones. If you miss this car, you may have to expose to the sun for a while. Rong Xiaobian compares Toronto's subway lines with Beijing and Shanghai subway lines:






it was unable to spit after reading. . .

In China, taxis can be said to be everywhere. In addition, the various car services and carpooling services launched in recent years have really improved the convenience of traveling in China. Then Xiaobian continues to use Toronto as an example, in most of Toronto. The taxis that run on the street are all ordered by others. In addition to taxis in the city center that can be used for parking like the domestic ones, the rest need to book cars in advance, and the waiting time for booking cars is generally not too short. Fortunately, the popularity of UBER/Uber in recent years is good for everyone to take a taxi in an emergency, otherwise there is no alternative to the bus. . .


3. Weather in Canada


What are the impressions of Chinese friends on the summer and winter of their hometown? Friends in the South may experience the wet summer in the summer, the temperature is often as high as 40 degrees, and the shower is at least 3 times a day, while the winter is about 10 degrees, and it is rare to see snow. The friends who live in the northeast are snowy in winter and cool in the shade in the summer. Chinese people living in different provinces have different memories of the weather in their hometowns. So for Canadians their comments on the weather is too cold in winter!


Canada is located in the northern half of North America, between 41° and 83° north latitude and 52° to 141° west longitude. It is east to the Atlantic Ocean, west to the Pacific Ocean, northwest to the United States of Alaska, south to the United States, north to the Arctic Ocean to the Arctic Circle. Canada is a Nordic-type continental climate with four distinct seasons. The winter season is long (November to April), the climate is cold, the summer period is short (July and August), and the rainfall is concentrated in spring (4, 5, and 6 months). Canada's climate is very different, and the temperature and precipitation in different regions vary greatly from season to season. For the most Chinese in Vancouver, it is the warmest city in winter in Canada. The coldest January average temperature is 3 °C, and the average temperature in July is 17 °C. Basically, it is spring all year round, but there is more rain; Toronto In winter, the weather is colder and has a body temperature of -20° to -30°. In July, it is 25 °C compared to the southern cities of China. It is cooler.




4. Canadian entertainment life


I believe that many domestic friends or parents and friends have the habit of going to the supermarket or shopping malls after dinner, strolling around the mall and then taking the subway home to enjoy the beauty. However, in Canada, it may be disappointing. In Canada, most shopping malls and supermarkets for human rights equality are closed at around 8-9, and it may be earlier if it is in a small town. So when I came to Canada, I had to go out shopping after dinner. Then you really can only go shopping, and there is no window-shopping after domestic dinner.



Therefore, Canada’s nightlife is not as convenient as domestic ones. If you are used to having a late night’s sleep in the country, you must have a little more food at home. Most of the restaurants in Canada are closed very early, except for the bar. Friends who are used to eating roadside stalls in China may be disappointed in Canada, but it is said that if you come to Canada to stay up late, you can still lose weight. Friends who want to lose weight can consider coming to Canada for further study.


Most of the Canadian daily entertainment activities are concentrated in the natural mountains and rivers, skiing. On the weekends, a few friends will barbecue in their backyard, and drive to the surrounding natural scenic spots on long weekends. Compared with domestic, the nightlife of white-collar workers can be said to be rich and colorful. From restaurants, KTV to bars, saunas, various types of consumption are everywhere, and in these big cities in the north and the north, there is not enough to buy a few thousand in the wallet.


Finally, CIIS still wants to say to everyone: Everyone has their own longing for life. Everyone has a different understanding of life, and this article is more intuitive to let everyone know some shortcomings in life in Canada and prepare for immigration or study abroad. Friends have a little mental preparation.