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  • 2018/9/5 10:02
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Québec Skilled Migration program is one of the most popular immigration projects in Canada, and Québec is also a favorite place in Canada. Not only the beautiful scenery, but his education culture and language also attract many people to go. Recently, the Quebec Immigration Bureau began implementing the latest policy of the Quebec skilled worker Immigration EOI scoring system. The new policy divides all Quebec skilled immigrant applicants into two categories, one with Quebec living in Quebec. The other category are applicants who are not currently living in Quebec, and the two types of Quebec skilled immigrant applicants will receive a total score based on their respective scoring elements. Now let's take a look at the specific details of Quebec's new policy.

All candidates who submit Quebec skilled immigrant EOI application will be divided into two categories:

Category 1: Applicants currently residing in Quebec

1. There is an employer offer in Quebec, or

2. Residing in Quebec, having a work permit, and a degree awarded by a Quebec educational institution. or

3. Residing in Quebec, with a work permit, work permit valid for at least 12 months, including 6 months of full-time work experience, already working in Quebec

The second category: applicants who do not currently reside in Quebec

Quebec Skilled Migration Application Requirements

Applicants will be graded according to different aspects, mainly from the following items for EOI screening:


*work experience


*Language ability (French and English)

* Quebec training field (ie the occupation required for the Quebec job market)

*Spouse situation

* Relatives situation

*Financial ability

Characteristics of Quebec Skilled Migration program 

1. A wide range of occupations, with as many as hundreds of occupational types

2. No mandatory French or English score requirements

3. Get the PR in one step

4. Children will add points

5. The processing period is short, currently about 2 years


Quebec Skilled Migration Application Process

1. Register the Quebec online account, fill in the information, submit

2. Waiting for replenishment after submitting the application (online under the New Deal)

3. After the replenishment, the Quebec Immigration Bureau will conduct an audit, which may require further feeding.

4. After the approval, issue CSQ (Québec Selection Certificate)

5. CSQ submits the federal federal visa application materials to the Federal Immigration Service, and receives the federal file number after the approval.

6. Medical examination

7. Pick up the letter

Quebec skilled immigrants are expected to hold the first round of invitations in September. The minimum score for the invitation is still unclear, but because the annual quota for technical immigrants in Quebec is as high as 30,000, the project is also a good choice. Quebec generally favors applicants with French scores, but if the applicant's education and career meet certain conditions, there will be good scores, and the chances of being invited should not be small.

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