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60 Schools,900 Programs

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one of Ontario Prov. 's largest public education schools, which was merged in 1998 by the previous four old school districts.[Detail]

Canada (IRCC) is making great strides by finding effective ways to process applications for admissions and promoting Canada as the preferred destination for international students seeking quality education[Detail]

According to statistics from the Federal Department of Immigration Canada, the number of students studying in Canada has increased year by year since 2015.[Detail]

"2018 Canadian International Student Handbook[Detail]

According to Randstad's survey, the jobless rate in Canada has now dropped to 5.7% by 2017, the lowest in nearly 40 years in Canada. And according to the forecast, the jobless rate in Canada will keep decreasing in 2018.[Detail]

When you get a Canadian University Admission Notice, you are equal to taking the first step in studying abroad.[Detail]

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ranking of quality of life in Canada is based on the following elements: life stress index, occupational market, economic market stability, fami[Detail]

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IB preparatory classes are usually registered at the end of the 8th grade. Interested students should ask with the school's teacher and fill out the relevant material form,[Detail]

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. 2 years college prep, undergraduate (Applied Science 4 years, other major 3 years), Master 2 years. Quebec is the only province in Canada to have a five-year high school system.[Detail]

Canada's international airport is upgraded, and the Canadian airport now uses the Primary Inspector Kiosk. In the past, traveling Canada, studying or working in non-Canadian nationals or non-Canadian permanent[Detail]