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  • 2020/5/31 16:10
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Heavy! Quebec Immigration Department's latest release:

On May 28, 2020, the Quebec Department of Immigration announced that it would reform the PEQ project and announced that it would start two new pilot projects. The detailed rules for reform will be announced in the near future. The following is an overview of the New Deal announced this time


Blockbuster One: PEQ Reform

Simon-Jolin Barrette, director of the Quebec Department of Immigration, mentioned the four goals of this PEQ reform when he announced the New Deal on May 28:

Closer integration with the labor market

Optimize screening to meet labor market needs

More emphasis on French to promote integration

Enhance project integrity

Change 1: Increase work experience

Quebec will pay more attention to the work experience of PEQ applicants.

Temporary foreign workers (TFWs) need to meet at least 36 months of full-time work experience within 48 months before applying for immigration. Before the implementation of the New Deal, Quebec will also introduce a transition policy for all foreign workers currently holding valid work permits.

Quebec graduates must have 12 or 24 months of full-time work experience. Graduates who have submitted PEQ applications before the introduction of the New Deal still apply to the policy at the time of submission. After the implementation of the new policy, college or university graduates in Quebec must have 12 months of work experience in Quebec. At the same time, the job category needs to meet the category 0, A, B. Quebec vocational education graduates must have 24 months of work experience in Quebec, and the job category needs to meet 0, A, B, C.

Change 2: Spouse's French ability

In Quebec, French is regarded as an important part of integrating into Quebec ’s labor market and Quebec ’s culture, so the spouse of an immigration applicant must also have a level 4 in spoken French. This requirement will be implemented one year after the implementation of the New Deal.

Change 3: Strengthen project integrity

In recent years, due to illegal operations, many PEQ applicants have failed to meet the true French level. Therefore, the certificate of completion of the advanced French intermediate course issued by the Quebec educational institution will no longer be certified as a French proficiency, thereby further strengthening the true integrity of the PEQ project.

Change 4 .: Extend the processing time

The average processing time of the PEQ project was 20 days. Due to the substantial increase in the number of PEQ applications, the processing time of the PEQ after the New Deal will be extended to a maximum of six months. By extending the processing time, the two types of applicants, the PEQ program and the Quebec Skilled Immigration Program (Programme régulier des travailleurs qualifies, PRTQ), can be treated more fairly.

Blockbuster II: Introduce two major immigration pilot projects

Quebec will also launch two immigration pilot projects for nurse assistants and technical talents.

Quebec has a high demand for nurse assistants. The government of Quebec stated that the current nurse assistant immigration program cannot meet the needs of the labor market. Since 2013, only 115 nurse assistants have obtained immigration status from Quebec. The quota target for the new nurse assistant pilot project is to attract 550 nurse assistants each year.

The government also stated that Quebec's artificial intelligence and information technology industries are booming. The pilot project for skilled talent immigration will enable Quebec to select 550 skilled talents each year. The pilot project aims to attract and retain professionals in these fields and contribute to Quebec ’s influence and competitiveness in the global technology field.

It can be seen from the two heavy news in Quebec that Quebec pays more attention to the integration of Quebec people with Quebec in terms of language, work skills, etc. At the same time, it also pays more attention to the large reserve of practical talents.

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