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  • 2020/6/21 11:16
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Recently, the Canadian Embassy encouraged Chinese students to choose to study in Canada on official Weibo. The embassy official announcement #COVID-19# epidemic situation has not changed the commitment of Canadian universities to provide world-class university education. The university has taken measures to ensure that students can study in a safe environment.



Paul Davidson, President of the Association of Canadian Universities, mentioned in the video: "The safety and well-being of international students is a top priority for Canadian universities, and our professors and researchers are working tirelessly to develop supportive measures for the success of international students. We look forward to this year International students are welcome to Canada in the fall and in the future!"

Not only the president of the Canadian University Association made a speech, but also the presidents of the top universities in Canada, the University of Toronto (2021QS Global Ranking #25), McGill University (2021QS Global Ranking #31), and the University of British Columbia (2021QS Global Ranking #45) The embassy official made a speech.


President of the University of Toronto Meric Gertler said: "It is an honor for me to be the principal of the University of Toronto, the world's top university. Our students learn from world-renowned professors, our graduates are very popular with employers around the world, and we are University of Toronto alumni are proud...

The University of Toronto is now preparing for the opening of this fall semester, and we will ensure the health and safety of the community. Whether students choose to go to school on the ground or distance learning, we will ensure that they get a high-quality learning experience. We look forward to and welcome you! "

—— MERIC GERTLER, President of the University of Toronto


Suzanne Fortier, President of McGill University, said: "Thank you alumni and students. We are renowned for our innovation. Strength and tenacity are our qualities. We are optimistic and determined to face the challenges. In the extremely difficult time to deal with the new crown virus, see I am very proud of everyone's unity, mutual support, and sublimation.

Any activities we conduct face-to-face on campus will be replicated remotely, so no matter where you are, you will be able to reap the same experience. We are eagerly looking forward to providing students with a McGill experience with a strong sense of participation and full of energy, no matter where you are. "

—— SUZANNE FORTIER, President of McGill University


Santa Ono, President of the University of British Columbia, said: "UBC has achieved outstanding academic achievements and has consistently ranked among the higher education institutions. It has successfully created an international academic community with students, scholars and researchers from all over the world. I am very proud of this. They Bring a variety of ideas and experiences to UBC, and understand and explore here. Hundreds of flowers blooming together. Hundreds of contentions will help UBC and everyone to achieve the goal of creating a better world.

This year, UBC will welcome students from all over Canada and more than 150 countries around the world. Students from China are important members of this academic community. I want to assure you in particular that you are very popular here, and UBC is looking forward to your coming to study with us. Students from China have always played an important role in creating the UBC academic community. UBC is proud of the contributions made by alumni today in China and around the world. On behalf of UBC’s international faculty and students, you are welcome to come to Canada! "

—— SANTA ONO, President of the University of British Columbia

From this, it can be seen that the major universities in Canada have not blocked the way for overseas students to study because of the epidemic situation. At present, many Canadian colleges and universities provide more practical and effective online courses for overseas students, and even some school projects can waive the Canadian visa application link, thereby helping international students to continue their Canadian studies in their home country. Achieve the epidemic transition.

When the epidemic has passed, students can step into the land of Canada and switch from online courses to offline campus courses to continue their studies.

About Canada

Canada is the second best country in the world

The ranking of the "Best Countries in the World" index was launched by the United States News and World Report (USnews) and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. The ranking list released this time is based on a survey of more than 20,000 people in the world reflecting the performance of different aspects of the country.


The top three are Switzerland, Canada, and Japan. The fourth place is Germany and the fifth place is Australia. Britain is sixth, and the United States is seventh. Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway ranked eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.


Based on the results of the individual questionnaire survey, the survey agency scored the performance of each country. The higher a country's score relative to the average, the higher the country's score, and vice versa.

Performance is divided into nine sub-levels, these levels include: adventure opportunities, civic treatment, cultural influence, entrepreneurial spirit, traditional heritage, promoter spirit, business openness, national strength and quality of life (Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power and Quality of Life).

In this evaluation, the score is 10 points, and the Canadian comprehensive score is as high as 99.4 points. The detailed scores are as follows:

Adventure opportunities Adventure: 46.0 points, ranked 16th;

Citizenship (15.88%): 98.6 points, ranking second;

Cultural Influence (12.96%): 50.4 points, ranking 11th;

Entrepreneurship (17.87%): 87.7 points, ranking 6th;

Traditional Heritage (1.13%): 22.4 points, ranking 40th;

Movers (14.36%): 28.5 points, ranking 37th;

Openness for business (11.08%): 81.6 points, ranking third;

National strength Power (7.95%): 45.2 points, ranking 12th;

Quality of Life (16.77%): 100.0 points, ranking first


The country with the best quality of life, Canada ranked first


Best citizenship country, Canada ranked second



The country with the best business openness, Canada ranked third


The most transparent country, Canada ranked first


The most transparent country, including open business and government practices, widespread political power, high trust in government, and low detectable corruption, is often one of the most powerful democratic and wealthy countries in the world.


Canada is the third best education country


The scoring criteria are whether the country has a perfect public education system, whether people will consider going to universities in the country and providing high-quality education in the country.

The best country to set up company headquarters, Canada ranked second2020/6/21/103944330203411038.png

The scoring criteria include: contact with the rest of the world, economic stability, a well-educated population, a good tax environment, a sound infrastructure, and a sound legal framework.

The world's healthiest index, Canada ranked first


A new global health index analysis released by investment company LetterOne ranks Canada as the country with the best health index among the 151 countries evaluated.

The scoring criteria are based on a series of indicators, including blood pressure, life expectancy, government health care investment, the proportion of depression, smoking rate, exercise rate, etc.

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