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School introduction

Balmoral Hall School is a noble girl's high school located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It provides educational courses for girls from the age of 2 to the 12th grade. Among them, the pre-university courses and the comprehensive development of students are the top priorities of BH. The school provides boarding services for girls in grades 6-12. BH provides them with a rare opportunity to develop their English ability, and at the same time, they prepare for their future success in college.


As an all-girls school, Balmoral School can provide academic courses, and has specially designed a series of extra-curricular activities, the purpose is to strengthen and build girls’ self-cognition and influence, so that whether they are in the laboratory, Still in the rugby stadium, they all have equal opportunities, and every opportunity can make them try to do different things. The girls in the Balmoral school dare to take risks and courage to meet every challenge without being bothered by their gender. Fundamentally speaking, boys and girls learn differently. The courses offered by BH can help girls build confidence and develop the necessary abilities to make them successful in future university studies and future career development.

Entry Requirements


School application form, school interview (via skype), transcripts of the past two years, TOEFL/IELTS scores, passport homepage, teacher recommendation letter, personal statement, etc.;

ESL Course Introduction

The ESL course at Balmoral High School provides guidance for students whose native language is not English. The goal of this course is to help students adapt to regular English courses. Featured English courses students will take the Canadian language benchmark English proficiency test as soon as they are enrolled, and are divided into four language proficiency stages according to the test scores, and participate in individual courses to meet individual needs.

Phase 1

Students need to train all aspects of English. Students will take ESL courses and, if possible, regular classroom courses. ESL teachers will give students targeted support, and students will also get help from ESL teaching assistants in certain classes.

Phase 2

Students have increased confidence in all aspects of their English, but they still have certain difficulties in listening, reading comprehension, and writing. Students take ESL courses. If possible, students participate in the study of various routine subjects with the necessary help. Students will receive special guidance from ESL teachers and ESL teaching assistants in certain classes.

Phase 3

Students gradually adapt to English reading and conversation, but they need to further develop all aspects of English skills to enter the next stage of learning. Students participate in the study of various subjects with the necessary help. Students will receive special guidance from ESL teachers and teaching assistants.

Phase 4

Students are fluent in English and basically have no errors in English expression, and can fully adapt to regular courses. Students receive individual guidance according to their own needs. ESL teachers and teaching assistants will still provide additional help.

English Study Course (ELL)

Senior students (grades 9-12) with English proficiency in the third and fourth stages take an English study course (ELL). Depending on the grade level, teaching may include TOEFL tutoring. Students participate in the study of various subjects with the necessary help. ESL teachers will give students guidance in accordance with their personal circumstances, and ESL teaching assistants will also provide additional help. It is important to note that for most international students whose English is a second language, TOEFL scores are necessary for university admission. According to ESL teacher's recommendation, students can get credits.

General English courses

In order to adapt to the regular course, the student's TOEFL score needs to reach 550, and the average score of each subject reaches more than 70%, without transferring to the subject. The above conditions must be met before June 30. All admissions for the next school year will be decided before June 30. Students do not accept ESL or ELL tutoring.

School accommodation

The dorms are all girls, mainly apartment-style, with 22 large suites, 4 students in each dormitory, each room has its own toilet, basic furniture, telephone and wifi, and a common room on each floor provides a refrigerator , Microwave and laundry facilities. The school hopes to create a sense of home. Every student can enter Gym. Students living in dormitory are managed by dormitory administrators. They live in the dormitory of the school and live with the students, so that the students can fully integrate into the school life. The students can get immediate help if they have any needs.


Application fee: CAD 175

Tuition fee: CAD 59,800/year 

New student enrolment fee: CAD 5,400

Living expenses: CAD 1,000~2,000/month

(All fees are subject to the latest data released each year)


Campus at a glance 







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