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The University of Guelph is one of the best comprehensive universities in Canada, located in Ontario, adjacent to Toronto. In the 2020QS global university rankings, the University of Guelph was included in the five-star university by QS due to its outstanding academic performance. The University of Guelph has an annual research cost of 146 million Canadian dollars, so there are a lot of teaching resources.


The University of Guelph is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This is a “friendly” city with a population of about 135,000. It is known as one of the top ten best places to live for new immigrants in Canada. The unemployment rate ranks among the lowest in Canada at 3.1%, and there are many outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking trails, rock climbing, and parks. The city of Guelph is an hour's drive from Toronto. It is also known as the "Music City" and is famous for its independent music. All full-time students will receive a city transit permit.


University of Guelph overview

Total registered number of 26,677

85+ professional

33 academic institutions and centers

More than 200 student clubs (ESL students can also join the club)

19 intramural sports

25,000-foot fitness center

More than 3,500 students participated in cooperative education

Students from more than 100 countries/regions

7 canteens

13 coffee houses

12 certificate programs to improve your degree

3 unique campuses

More than 1,000 experiential learning opportunities

More than 173,000 alumni‍

University Rankings

The University of Guelph ranked first in the reputation of international students (International Student Barometer)

Ranked No. 1 in Canada and No. 8 in Agricultural Science (Best University in the World)

The University of Ontario ranks fifth in the world in the field of AIDS science (QS World University Rankings)


According to Macleans' 2020 Comprehensive University Rankings, Guelph is ranked fourth. This ranking is based on student satisfaction and reputation surveys.


School advantage

One of Canada's top comprehensive universities

Have a good student experience

There are research expenditures of 146 million Canadian dollars each year

24 million Canadian dollars scholarships and bursaries for 2018/2019 two consecutive years

The highest proportion of female students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) science subjects in Canada

Employment internship within 6 months after graduation 90.15%

90% of students will continue at the University of Guelph school in the second year

Benefits for international students


Diversified campus

Dual admission channels for English courses

START International: Special orientation for international students

Campus work

International Student Immigration Advisor

The academic achievement of the campus residence and the provision of additional support and a good learning environment

Excellent ranking

Close to Toronto


12 degrees, more than 85 professional courses‍

Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Biological Resource Management

Bachelor of Business (Business)

Bachelor of Computing

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Remaining diplomas

Cooperative education

For example: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canadian Tire, Microsoft, Amazon, Scotiabank, Starbucks, SickKids, Maple Leaf, etc.

• The University of Guelph is the third largest university in Ontario with the most cooperative projects, providing cooperation opportunities for more than 3,000 students.

• Complete 3-5 paid co-op semesters throughout the course of study, and complete the degree in 4.5 to 5 years.

•full time job. Earn $500 to $1000 Canadian dollars per week.

• Practically apply the knowledge learned in class.

• Cooperative * 1100 courses prepare students for job search.

•Help students build contacts and confidence in employment.


The language programs of the University of Guelph are divided into many types, namely

• Comprehensive admission pathway project

• ELCP project-English language certificate project (alternative to conditional admission)

• Garanteed Pathway Project-Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Arts

• GPP Project-Graduate Preparatory Diploma Project

These four types of language projects are set for different student groups and are all completed in the University of Guelph. Study Abroad will take everyone to take a look. Students can also take a seat and take a look at their suitable projects:

1. Comprehensive admission pathway project

The combination of the program and selected degree credit courses provides students with a flexible choice to ensure that students can gradually enter various degree courses at the University of Guelph. Through this project, students can complete their own degree courses while completing English courses, thereby saving time.

Suitable for the crowd:

1. The English level is not enough for the direct recording requirements of the University of Guelph, but you have an IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 56 language score

2. In addition to insufficient English proficiency requirements, other aspects meet the admission requirements

Professional docking:

•Bachelor of Science

        All majors, including majors with co-op projects

•Bachelor of Business

        To be determined

•Bachelor of Arts

        All majors, including majors with co-op projects

2. English Language Certificate Program (ELCP)

The English Language Certificate Program (ELCP) is an intensive academic English course for students with higher professional scores. The project has 10 levels and the teaching time for each level is 7 weeks

Suitable for the crowd:

The English level is weak, and may not reach the level of IELTS 5.5

Have a higher score

Professional docking:

• All undergraduate majors


3. Guaranteed Pathway project

The feature of this project is that when students have completed the ELCP project level 7 and 8 and have an average score of 80% or higher, they are eligible to study the ELCP project’s advanced courses (levels 9, 10) and can start four courses online at the same time Course learning. When a student completes the ELCP courses at levels 9 and 10, and the cumulative average of the four online courses reaches 70%, they can start studying for a degree course and obtain 4 credits related to the degree.

Suitable for the crowd:

Students without college degree or above

Students who have just met the admission requirements or are below the university admission average

Professional docking:

•Bachelor of Arts

•Bachelor of Business


4. Pre-Master Course

The Graduate Preparatory Diploma Program (GPP) is an intensive 8-month course that prepares students for language and academic skills before entering the graduate program

Suitable for the crowd

Obtain a four-year bachelor's degree from a secondary university, with an average score of B to B+ or higher, and be willing to earnestly pursue postgraduate courses

Minimum IELTS 5.5 or TOEFLiBT 46, which is equivalent to intermediate English. Students entering the intermediate level of English must complete the advanced level of the English language certificate program (level 9 and 10) before entering the GPP course

Professional docking:

•Graduate major of this school or other university graduate majors



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