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  • 2020/10/8 8:52
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Recently, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) announced that it had made temporary adjustments to the study visa review procedures during the epidemic, from the regular one-step review to a "two-step" process, that is, for international students who cannot submit complete study visa application documents, IRCC will implement Temporary two-stage approval process. As long as the student visa applicants obtain the first-phase pre-approval (approval-in-principle), even if they cannot submit all the documents necessary to apply for the student visa, they can register online and start learning this fall .

ECanadaSchool takes everyone to see what are the main documents that need to be prepared to obtain the first phase of pre-approval (approval-in-principle):

The first stage: review the qualifications of applicants for the study visa, the review documents include:

1. Admission Notice

2. CAQ certificate (if the student will go to study in Quebec, the certificate is required)

3. Proof of sufficient funds. To prove that you can pay for the tuition during the study abroad, living expenses for yourself and your accompanying family members, and return transportation expenses for yourself and your accompanying family

4. Are there any relatives in Canada

5. Proof that you will leave Canada after studying abroad

If the applicant passes the first stage of the review, IRCC will issue a notice to the applicant's online account. We want to remind everyone that passing the first stage of pre-approval does not mean that IRCC will finally pass your student visa application, so if you want to increase the visa pass rate, in addition to the main documents mentioned above, related important documents must also Indispensable, such as study plan, past study documents, guardianship documents for students under the age of 18, etc.

If the necessary documents for the first stage cannot be provided, the applicant needs to write an explanation letter explaining the reason. Under current special circumstances, IRCC will generally agree to the applicant to postpone the submission of documents.

Second stage: review of entry qualifications and any updates in the first stage

1. Physical examination (if required)

2. Non-criminal certificate (if required)

3. Fingerprint entry

4. Any information updates in the first phase

If the applicant passes the second stage, the immigration office will approve the student visa application.

In addition, please note that this "two-step" procedure is only applicable to the following types of students:

1. Submit your study visa application before September 15, 2020, and

2. Courses will start or have already started in 2020 spring, summer or autumn

(Source: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)