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  • 2022/2/20 14:22
  • 留学霸
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ECanadaSchool has previously introduced the 2022 ranking of Canadian universities with the highest student satisfaction released by the well-known Canadian education journal "MacLean" (Article Review: "MacLean" 2022 Canadian University Rankings with the Highest Student Satisfaction Announced! The results are unexpected! ). Today we take a look at the Canadian universities with the highest overall overall ranking in 2022. "MacLean" still ranks these universities into three categories: basic, comprehensive, and medical doctoral.


2022 Medical Doctoral University Rankings

(Comprehensive ranking TOP 15)

Medical Doctoral refers to a large research university that can provide doctoral degrees in most disciplines (including medicine).


It can be seen that among the top 15 medical and doctoral universities, McGill University, University of Toronto, and UBC University are still in the top three. Among the top 15 universities, Ontario has the largest number of universities with 5 (University of Toronto, McMaster University, Queen's University, University of Ottawa, Western University ).

2022 Comprehensive University Rankings

(Comprehensive ranking TOP 15)

Comprehensive universities are those universities that offer a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs. Some comprehensive universities are not weaker than medical doctoral universities, and in many ways surpass some medical doctoral universities.


Among the top 15 comprehensive universities on the list, Ontario universities occupy 8, the largest number (University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Carleton University, York University, Laurier University, Ryerson University, Brock University, University of Windsor).

2022 Basic university rankings

(Comprehensive ranking TOP 15)

Primary Undergraduate refers to those universities that focus on undergraduate education. There are very few postgraduate doctoral programs. The teaching quality of this type of university is by no means the bottom among the three types of universities, but the same level of education in small classes. Canadian universities are all public universities, funded by the Ministry of Education of each province to ensure the unity of teaching quality. Therefore, many people in China who do not understand basic universities will misunderstand these types of universities, thinking that the quality of undergraduate teaching in basic universities is not as good as that of medical and doctoral universities and comprehensive universities, but the actual situation is largely the opposite. .


Among the top 15 comprehensive universities on the list, Ontario universities occupy 4, with the largest number (Trrent University, Lakehead University, Ontario University of Science and Technology, Laurentian University).

"MacLean" is a Canadian local education magazine. It is usually used as a weather vane for Canadian local students to choose schools. Students who plan to study in Canada and plan to work in Canada can use this as a reference. For more school selection questions, please consult ECanadaSchool.