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60 Schools,900 Programs

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Educational Studies And Digital Technology- Direct Entry


Educational Studies and digital technology – advanced entry 


Faculty of Education 


Bachelor of Arts(Honours)


2 Year

Starting Month

January, May , September

Co-op opportunities


Program Description: 

This program recognizes the growing importance and the current trends in formal and informal lifelong learning as professional development needs to expand across academic, corporate, non-profit and volunteer sectors.

Educational Studies and Digital Technology (ESDT) emphasizes real-world, inquiry-based learning to provide you with the best opportunities to develop job-ready skills in training and instruction using digital technology.

The program features two areas of specialization:

  • Adult Education and Digital Technology (AEDT)

  • Early Childhood Studies

The fully online courses are designed to allow access from a wide range of mobile devices. Courses make use of video-based lectures, mobile-enabled video conferencing tutorials and a wide array of social media tools, providing a rich and collaborative learning environment.

Admission Requirement:

An Ontario college diploma or Ontario college advanced diploma (or equivalent*) with a minimum mid-70s average.

*Graduates who hold a two- or three-year diploma or university degree not listed under the specific admission requirements should contact the Admissions office to determine their eligibility.

Note: Admission is competitive. Regardless of educational background, all applicants to undergraduate programs must have specific prerequisite subject knowledge for their intended program of study. The specific average or standing required for admission will vary from year to year. Students are selected by taking into consideration a wide range of criteria, including school marks, distribution of subjects taken and performance in subjects relevant to the academic program. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications.


  • adult literacy instructor

  • child-care centres

  • college educator

  • early childhood learning environment design 

  • human resources manager

  • instructional designer

  • military trainer

  • nursery and preschool programs

  • service organization educator

  • policy development 

  • workplace/ corporate educator 

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