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Communication and Digital Media Studies - General Arts and Science Transfer


Communication and Digital Media Studies- Gas


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Science


2 Year

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Program Description:

All organizations in society, including businesses, government, advocacy groups and creative industries, are looking for people who understand the roles and effects of communication on society. Effective communicators must be able to navigate new media platforms as well as traditional ones. Explore the economic, political and cultural drivers as well as the impact of communications and digital media within society.

Our program will enhance your oral, written and digital communication skills. It will also develop your knowledge about how a range of media forms are changing the world, expand your cultural awareness, and enrich your life in a time in which communications is everywhere and in everything.

Admission Requirement:

Students who have successfully completed a General Arts and Science Certificate - UOIT Liberal Arts Transfer/University Transfer option at Durham College may apply for direct admission into the second year of the Communication and Digital Media Studies program. Eligible applicants must achieve a minimum grade of 70 per cent in each college prerequisite course with an overall average of 77 per cent or higher.

Note: Admission is competitive. The specific or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Students are selected by taking into consideration a wide range of criteria including school marks, distribution of subjects taken and performance in subjects relevant to the academic program. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications. 


  • communications specialist

  • creative director

  • digital media strategist 

  • journalist

  • professional editor 

  • public relations specialist


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