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Criminology and Justice - General Arts and Science Transfer


Criminology and Justice – Gas Transfer


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Arts ( Honours)


3 Year

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Program Description:                               

Crime is not committed in a vacuum. It occurs in a particular socio-economic and political context. Criminology examines the broader social and individual contexts that lead to criminal behaviour. It also examines how criminal justice is shaped by larger social, political and technological contexts, and how they are translated into practice in agencies such as the police, courts, corrections, the juvenile system, and various social and government service agencies.

Our program explores and critically analyzes criminological and sociological theories of why people commit crime. It also examines how societies define crime and who is considered a criminal. 

This program approaches the study of crime from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on a rich tradition from criminology, sociology, philosophy, psychology and law. In addition to examining why crime is committed, you will be encouraged to think about crime, criminal justice and its administration in ways that are consistent with the principles of fairness, equity, peace and justice.

You may pursue the comprehensive program or a specialization in one of:

  • Criminal Justice

  • Youth, Crime and Justice


Admission Requirement:

Students who have successfully completed a General Arts and Science Certificate - UOIT Liberal Arts Transfer/University Transfer option at Durham College may apply for direct admission into the second year of the Criminology and Justice program. Eligible applicants must achieve a minimum grade of 70 per cent in each prerequisite course at college with an overall average of 77 per cent or higher.



  • correctional officer/case      manager

  • government researcher and      policy analyst 

  • human rights advocate/community      activist

  • police officer

  • probation/parole officer

  • social services worker



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