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Program: Nursing- Collaborative  


Forensic Psychology - Bridge


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Arts(Honours)


3 years

Starting Month


Co-op opportunities


Program Description: 

Forensic psychology contributes to increased public safety by improving our understanding and support of victims, witnesses and offenders as they move through the criminal justice system from the initial criminal investigation, to their experiences with the court, to rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

You will study the core areas of psychology—social, cognitive, developmental and abnormal—as well as research methods and data analysis. You will explore a variety of forensic psychology courses that apply psychology to crime, policing, the courts, corrections and other aspects of the justice system. You will also have opportunities to incorporate aspects of criminology, legal studies, health and neuroscience into your degree with the objective of developing unique knowledge and skill sets. 

Admission Requirement:

An Ontario college or Ontario college advanced diploma in one of the programs listed below:

  • Behavioural Sciences

  • Child and Youth Care

  • Community and Justice Services

  • Police Foundations

  • Protection, Security and Investigation

  • Social Service Worker


  • child protection worker

  • corrections officer

  • law enforcement officer

  • mental health technician

  • probation manager

  • psychologist (after further study)

  • residential youth counsellor

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