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Program:Legal Studies


Legal Studies


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Arts(Honours)


4 year

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Program Description: 

Legal Studies examines law’s defining features, forms and functions, and critically engages with how law interacts with and responds to social, political and technological change. The program demonstrates a commitment to promoting justice by cultivating sensitivity to diversity and exploring what it means to become an active, socially responsible citizen.

You will learn how to find just legal solutions to social conflicts through alternative methods of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation processes. You will be challenged to evaluate law from the perspectives of people in socially marginalized positions, including Indigenous people, racial minorities, immigrants, poor people, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community and persons with disabilities. Additionally, you will study law in relation to topical themes, including national security, globalization, technology and the body.

Legal Studies graduates have knowledge and skills suitable for careers requiring legal research and analysis, human rights advocacy, mediation, and/or an understanding of privacy and information access issues. The program also offers preparation for graduate work in legal studies, law school, or paralegal or mediator certification programs.

You may pursue the comprehensive program or a specialization in:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Human Rights Law

  • Information Law

Admission Requirement:

Current Ontario secondary school students must complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U or 4M courses, including English (ENG4U).

Note: Admission is competitive. The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Students are selected by taking into consideration a wide range of criteria including school marks, distribution of subjects taken, and performance in subjects relevant to the academic program. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications. 


Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary field that opens up possibilities for careers such as:

  • federal and provincial government administrator

  • human rights advocate

  • legal analyst

  • legal researcher

  • mediator/dispute resolution specialist

  • social services worker

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