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Program: Pharmaceutical Chemistry 


Legal Sutdies- Gas Transfer


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Science


2 years

Starting Month


Co-op opportunities


Program Description: 

Students in the Science program benefit from gaining a broader conceptual and scientific knowledge base, which serves to augment the technical and laboratory skills developed in the Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology diploma program. You will have the opportunity to further your knowledge and understanding in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, computing science and mathematics and examine both theoretical and practical problems in the pure and overlapping scientific fields. Graduates will have a well‐developed technical skill set and scientific foundation.

Admission Requirement:

Students who have successfully completed a General Arts and Science Certificate - UOIT Liberal Arts Transfer/University Transfer option at Durham College may apply for direct admission into the second year of the Legal Studies program. Eligible applicants must achieve a minimum grade of 70 per cent in each prerequisite course with an overall average of 77 per cent or higher.


Legal Studies graduates have a distinct advantage in obtaining and excelling in law-related positions in the private and public sectors. Career opportunities for graduates include:

  • federal and provincial government administrator

  • human rights advocate

  • legal analyst

  • legal researcher

  • mediator/dispute resolution specialist

  • policy analyst

  • social services worker

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