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Political Science - General Arts and Science Transfer


Political Science- Gas Transfer


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities


Bachelor of Arts


3 years

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Program Description:                               

Social justice and poverty; war, peace, and protest; economics and politics; community building and rebuilding; international and local development; policy creation and implementation; climate change and environmental sustainability—what is your passion? Explore a wide range of issues related to understanding and reimagining the world in the Political Science program. This program is unique in that it addresses policy and social justice issues, with a focus on the interrelations of communities including nations, regions, cities, towns, religions and social movements.

Our program emphasizes strategies for creating sustainable policies for community and international development, improved quality of life, and social justice and community planning.

This interdisciplinary major draws on faculty strengths in political science, sociology, public policy, history, communication and digital media studies, philosophy, legal studies, and economics to give you an integrated multidisciplinary background.



Students who have successfully completed a General Arts and Science Certificate - UOIT Liberal Arts Transfer/University Transfer option at Durham College may apply for direct admission into the second year of the Political Science program. Eligible applicants must achieve a minimum grade of 70 per cent in each college prerequisite course with an overall average of 77 per cent or higher.



  • community organizing and      outreach

  • foreign service and      diplomacy 

  • government and public      service 

  • graduate studies in sociology,      policy studies or related disciplines 

  • human rights and humanitarian      aid law 

  • non-governmental organization      researcher

  • policy analyst 

  • researcher with community or      charitable organizations 


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