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ProgramEnvironmental Studies                            


Environmental   Studies


Faculty of   Environmental Studies


BES, Joint   Program


4 Years

Starting Month

Summer, Fall, Winter  

Available for

Full-Time and   Part-Time


Program Description:

Challenge what is. Imagine what could be. Transform the Future. The Faculty of Environmental Studies provides a unique educational experience in an expanding field of study, research and employment.

Our active community is passionate about environmental and social justice. We define environment inclusively, so our program provides keen insight into the vast interconnections that affect our global world. An introductory first year allows you to expand on your passion for environmental and social change through a comprehensive core course approach. Then, specialize in one of the following: Environment & Culture; Urban & Regional Environments, Environmental Politics; Environmental Management.

The Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) defines "environment" as everything that surrounds us. Environmental studies is, therefore, not only about natural environments, but also about built, social, cultural, political and organizational environments as well as all of the relationships between them.

After completing a common first year, you will have the opportunity to focus on one of four Areas of Concentration:

·         Environmental Management: Policy, Resources and Conservation

·         Urban & Regional Environments: Analysis, Planning and Design

·         Environmental Politics: Development, Globalization and Justice

·         Environment and Culture: Philosophy, Arts, Technology and Education

Admission Requirements:


·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

·         Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student



·         Environmental educator

·         Social justice commissioner

·         Urban and regional consulatant

·         Corporate social responsiblity officer


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