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ProgramInternational Development                     


International   Development


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Program Description:

The York/Humber International Development Management Studies program prepares you to work in Canada, the US or internationally as project or program officers and managers within governmental, non-governmental and private sector organizations involved in international development initiatives.

International Development Management Studies is offered jointly by York University and Humber College, allowing you to combine your university education with specialized, college-based training. Earn both credentials in a shorter period of time than if you completed the programs separately.

Develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the global South in the face of existing inequalities between rich and poor nations, and the political-institutional, cultural, socio-economic and ecological factors presently affecting international development.

This three-semester program at Humber College:

·         provides an overview of the challenges facing developing regions of the world;

·         introduces the types of programs and projects which address these challenges;

·         stresses the acquisition of practical and transferable management skills necessary to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate project activities and results.

You will be involved in a participatory approach to sustainable development and focus on enhancing your capacity to work effectively in cross-cultural environments. The program will provide you with the knowledge, attitudes and practical skills necessary to manage the human, physical and financial resources commonly associated with development projects.

Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor in Environmental Studies (BES) degree from York University and a Graduate Certificate in International Project Management from Humber College.

Admission Requirements:

Students may apply to this joint program after successful completion of three years in the Bachelor in Environmental Studies program at York.


·         Environmental educator

·         Social justice commissioner

·         Urban and regional consulatant

·         Corporate social responsiblity officer


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