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ProgramHealth & Society


Health & Society


Liberal Arts & Professional   Studies




4 Years

Starting   Month

Fall, Winter and Summer

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Full-Time and   Part-Time


Program Description:

Health & Society will challenge you to look critically at biomedical models and practices, to understand the complexity of health policy, to see ways in which globalizing economies shape both illness and health care. It will also help you to appreciate the role played by social forces and cultural change in shaping individual well-being. Our unique program draws upon concepts and tools from many social scientific disciplines to explore the ways in which social conditions influence health and how health concerns shape social relations and institutions.

Health & Society is a term used to represent a body of scholarship that has emerged over the past twenty years in response to the limitations of a strictly biomedical approach to health issues.

·         By seeing health in its social context, you’ll look beyond the limits of medicine as we know it, to a much wider set of questions that engage social, cultural, political and moral aspects of the human experience.

·         Our program moves beyond a strictly biomedical approach to health issues and investigates such areas as health and the family, disabilities and the role of the medical professional in society.


Admission Requirements:

Chinese High School


·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

o   Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student


·         Community health/health advocate

·         Health-care delivery worker

·         Alternative health-care worker

·         Health administrator

·         Manager

·         Policy officer

·         Counsellor

·         Journalist


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