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ProgramInternational Studies & Business Administration / Études internationales et administration des affaires


International   Studies & Business Administration / Études internationales et   administration des affaires




iBA/BBA, Joint Program


4 Years

Starting Month


Available for



Program Description:

This dual-credential program provides you with the opportunity to study for two years in our flagship International Studies program, followed by two years at France’s #1 business incubator, the emlyon business school. What’s more, it marries a business education with a liberal arts background compounded with Glendon’s trademark excellence in French-language training and international experience.

By combining your business degree with a bilingual liberal arts program, you will develop transferable skills that you can take from one company to the next throughout your lifetime, no matter what career you choose. You’ll not only have access to the resources of Canada’s third largest university and Glendon’s trademark small campus experience, you will tap into the expertise of emlyon’s prestigious business program. Between part-time jobs, internships and other hands-on opportunities for career development, you’ll start building your career in Toronto and wrap up your degree with work experience in France.


Admission Requirements:

Chinese High School

iBA/BBA Dual Degree

·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

o   Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student

·         Grade 12 math

·         The following course(s) are also recommended:

o   Grade 12 French

·         No prerequisite below 75%

·         A Bilingual Digital Portfolio and interview is also required.



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