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60 Schools,900 Programs

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About ECanadaschool

ECanada School to provide one-stop free school application services, exempt from any intermediary fees required for school applications, to provide safe, reliable and caring study abroad service. Diploma with Canada and many certified educational institutions have a good mode of cooperation, and Acting many well-known Canadian universities, colleges and high schools, this reciprocal reciprocal relationship between the cooperation to ensure that applicants in the study to ensure the success rate of students and the accuracy of material preparation rate.

ECanada School as a free online school application center, to a certain extent, to meet the maximum degree of school automation, to ensure the success rate of students to enter the case, students can independently according to their own circumstances and career planning to make a choice of professional. At the same time, ECanada School also provide one-on-one service, free assessment of the actual situation of students, students make the right choice for further studies. Study Abroad provides professional information about many famous Canadian universities in a timely manner, ensuring that each major has a complete and professional Chinese translation, and is committed to creating the most professional system for applying for Canadian schools.

School Application Process

Students through the search ECanada School search to choose their own conditions in line with the professional courses and study abroad direction, the choice is completed, you can immediately apply online or assessment. Pa to provide school online application and school offline applications. For online application, students only need to fill in the basic personal information and information, that is, there is a one-on-one school to apply for ECanada School specialist service, just one or two days to complete all the school application process.

Underline application, students can fill in the application form provided by the ECanada School, and sent by e-mail to Pa, that is, Pa Pao immediately deal with the documents, and to ensure that the application form within one to two days to complete the application. School online applications and offline applications, study Pa will not charge any fees, to ensure that students apply for any exemption from agency fees.

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