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60 Schools,900 Programs,Free apply

60 Schools,900 Programs

Multi languages,Free apply


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The main building of the Baodi College is a 10-story multi-functional comprehensive building that includes student dormitories, teachers, libraries, indoor games, computer classrooms and 3 science laboratories. A campus surrounded by teaching, learning, living and sports is surrounded by 4 acres of land. The male and female dormitories provided by the school are stratified and strictly managed. It is an ideal place for international students living far away from home. In cold winter, boarding students can start, live and attend classes without going out of the building. They can fully enjoy the convenience of campus life.

The new subsidiary building of the Baodi College in 2004 includes a reception hall, a cafeteria, a computer classroom and a library. The cafeteria uses full-length floor-to-ceiling glass as the exterior wall, which is transparent, spacious, and equipped with a piano. It has strong light and modernity, and students can enjoy the lush and upright trees on the campus when dining. Since the College is a boarding school, all international students are required to live on campus. The college offers full-year meals throughout the year.



The University of Ontario’s AP School Committee is one of the few institutions in Ontario's international private boarding schools that are allowed to open and own AP course qualifications. The success rate of successive graduates entering universities is nearly 100%. Among them, the percentage of graduates who graduated into prestigious universities in 2004 was 75%, and they obtained scholarships ranging from a few thousand to over ten thousand yuan.

Basic application materials: (Provide Chinese, English documents or North American study certificates)

1) Passport scan

2) Fill in the application form (including Student & Family Information, Student & Parent Questionnaire)

3) Application fee

4) The translation of the report card in the past two years plus notarization

5) Applicant's passport specifications photo

6) handwritten small composition

7) If you have a language test score, please provide a transcript (TOEFL or IELTS)

High School (Grades 9, 10, and 11): 11,200 Canadian dollars

Year 12/University Experience: $11970

Year 12/Pre-University: 9000 Canadian Dollars

ESL Course: 3500 CAD

Credit Transfer Course: 11864 CAD

Accommodation fee

920 Canadian dollars / month

In the spare time, the dormitory management department organizes visits to the city center library, cinemas, swimming pools, bowling alleys and famous shopping venues. On weekends, students are organized to visit famous attractions during the day or night, such as: Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland, Montreal, New York and Blue Mountain Ski Resorts. Usually organize an event two weeks.

Accommodation students under the age of 17 must participate in boarding life projects, including the above-mentioned weekend outings. They must also participate in supervised evening study.

1. High school curriculum (grades 9-12) Grades 9-10: Mathematics Foundation, English, French, Geography, Science, Business Introduction, Visual Arts, Computer Information Science, Canadian History, Career Studies, etc.

2. Bachelor of Arts in Pre-University Programs: Biology, Business Administration, Calculus, Computer Science, Data Processing, Economics, English, Home Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Audiovisual Arts, World Politics

Bachelor of Science: Algebra Geometry, Biology, Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Data Processing, Economics, English, Physics, Audiovisual Art

Bachelor of Commerce: Accounting, Business Administration, Calculus, Computer Science, Data Processing, Economics, English, Geography, International Business, International Law, Histology, Social Sciences

3. University Credit Transfer Program (AP): English, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Human Behavior, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Physics, Graphic Arts, Psychology, World History, and Statistics.

4. Baodi - First Year Degree Program at the University of Guelph, Canada

5.ESL course

Application difficulty (two stars)

The first two years of academic proof.