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60 Schools,900 Programs

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The Vancouver School Board (VSB; officially School District 39 Vancouver) is a school district based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A board of nine trustees normally manages this district that serves the city of Vancouver and the University Endowment Lands

The Vancouver school district is a large, urban and multicultural school district providing programs to 56,000 students in kindergarten to grade 12, over 3,000 adults in adult education programs and over 40,000 in continuing education. On Oct 17, 2016 BC Liberal Party government's Education Minister, Mike Bernier, dismissed the publicly-elected School Board for "failing to balance" the district budget, despite the BC Liberal government's own crown corporations' budgets' "deferrals" constituting billions of dollars of BC government provincial deficit.


In 2014, there were 1,473 international students in Vancouver public schools.

Admission period

Application start date

Application deadline

September entrance

December (previous year)

May 15

Admission to school in February

July (previous year)

November 14 (previous year)


List of Documents

- Application form completed and signed by parents and students

- Academic supplementary information form completed and signed by parents and students

- Student assessment form, officially completed and signed by the original school

- Current and past two years of transcript translation

- Personal Information Authorization Form (applicable to students who have turned 18 at the time of registration)

- Copy of passport home page

- Vaccination notarized

- Guardian Notary, Parent and Guardian

- TOEFL or IELTS report (for 12th grade applicants)

- Accommodation family application form (if applicable)

- All fees payable

Application procedure:

1. Submit the above documents and application fees to Admission Office, International Education Services.

2. Once the student is accepted, the acceptance letter and receipt will be sent to the student or student's agent

3. Apply for a Study Visa Study Permit

4. After receiving a study visa, prepare to leave Canada

Application fee: $ 200

Tuition : $14,000/year

Medical insurance fee: $950/year

Homestay accommodation fee: $ 525

Homestay fee: $900/month

Guardianship fee: $ 500

Services for international students:

The Department of International Student Education of the Vancouver Department of Education has successfully provided short-term and year-round academic programs for students from all over the world. Responsible teachers, staff, guidance officers, senior classmates and staff of the International Student Affairs Department form a staff network to help overseas students gain active and successful learning experiences. Overseas Student Guidance Officers and Liaison Tutors in the school are constantly looking at student life and academic performance. Outstanding overseas students with outstanding academic performance and contribution to society can receive scholarships from the Vancouver Department of Education.

International students enrolled can choose Vancouver homestay accommodation. Tuition and insurance fees will be paid after completing the VSB form. School homestay applications can be downloaded on the Vancouver Board of Education website.


Courses: Basic courses (required) that must be taken in accordance with British Columbia Secondary School graduation requirements: English, Practical English, Sociology, History, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, and Engineering.
2. Elective courses: band, string, orchestra, chorus, drama, dance, graphic arts, fashion design, etc. French, Spanish, Japanese, IT, accounting, drawing, and computer-aided design.
3. Comprehensive entry requirements: junior high school graduates, seniors, seniors, and students. No TOEFL or IELTS score requirements are required.
4. Start date: September and February